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A Month of TV Commentary: A Meme in 30 Parts: Day 14

Day 14 – Favorite male character

If I’d been keeping up with this and written t his back when I first started this “one month” meme *mumble* months ago, I’d have had an entirely different answer to this question, but I’ve since acquired a new obsession favourite TV show, namely USA Network’s White Collar

Which brings me to Neal Caffrey.

The short premise of the show is “He’s a charming con-man with a heart of gold. He’s the FBI agent who put him in prison. They fight crime!” Specifically, they fight the kind of high-stakes, big money crimes that you’d expect the “white collar’ division of the FBI to tackle: art heists, stock swindles, counterfeiting, etc. The sorts of crimes that Neal specialised in, and quite often ends up going undercover to help solve, because he moves easily in that world.

I like Neal Caffrey because he has style. He dresses well, he’s charming, extremely intelligent and well-spoken, has a wicked sense of humour, a great sense of fun and adventure, and a taste for the finer things in life. I remarked recently to kitanzi that I often “aspired to a level of sophistication that I do not always possess.”, and this is a character that embodies all of those traits that I admire and covet. (Well, except for the “criminal” part of it. But, hey, nobody’s perfect.)

I will even admit that he directly inspired me to take a critical look at my own personal sartorial style and make some needed changes. So this show has done me a great deal of personal psychic good.

If you’re not watching White Collar, do give it a try. Many of the things I love about the show (particularly the relationship between Neal and FBI Agent Peter Burke, Burke’s relationship with his wife Elizabeth, the amazingly crisp dialogue, the fantastic undercover heist plots, and the narrative sub-plot that runs throughout the entire show) lie outside the scope of this entry. But it’s hands-down my favourite show on television, and USA just announced that it is being renewed for a 3rd season. I recommend it highly to anyone.

From Twitter 09-29-2010

  • 09:37:31: @simonpegg Pretty sure that was called “radio”.
  • 11:26:17: @mariancall When you get to Detroit, make a point of touring the old Motown studio. It’s a heck of an experience.
  • 11:41:38: If you love somebody, tell them today. Don’t wait until tomorrow…or even until after lunch.
  • 12:20:06: Sometimes wonder if George Lucas is engaged in bet with someone to see how many times he can get folks to pay for same films
  • 12:39:25: @mariancall no matter what they claim, NYC is not actually it’s own state. 🙂
  • 14:23:14: @seananmcguire And why your blood is boiling hot….?
  • 22:59:43: @davehogg Han shoots first, even in the Special Edition. I have an elegant little proof of this, but it’s too long for Twitter.

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From Twitter 09-28-2010

  • 07:28:21: @The_T But the UPSIDE of a fresh windows install…….er… wait, you still end up with windows. Nevermind, carry on.
  • 07:37:14: @The_T I see your civilization has discovered the technology of Windows Patching. We will trade you Perfect Cup Of Tea for it!
  • 10:05:32: @simonpegg You know what my favourite 3D entertainment is? It’s this really innovative thing called “theatre”! I know, right?
  • 17:26:38: Out-of-context quote of the day: ‘I’m mortal. *You’re* mortal. Let’s have sex!”
  • 17:40:53: @Aiglet This has been another “Living In The Future Moment”, brought to you by SkyNet: We Bring All Sorts Of Things To Life.
  • 17:42:06: @seananmcguire I love you too! *mwah* <3

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From Twitter 09-27-2010

  • 08:45:57: @seananmcguire Your grenade launcher is under that pile of clothes next to your computer chair.
  • 11:01:47: @ferretthimself Someone should invent an international computer network that allows you to find & watch TV programmes you missed DVRing
  • 12:07:11: @PhilKMills @TanyaHuff Actually, you know, we could maybe sell that. Tanya, call your TV contacts, we’ve got a pitch to make! 🙂
  • 19:04:45: At Gwinnett Arena waiting for start so So You Think You Can Dance Live Tour. Great seats, about 15-20 rows back on the floor.
  • 19:07:45: Right on the aisle. Great sight-lines.

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From Twitter 09-26-2010

  • 22:35:36: I hate it when I’m putting new strings on the 12 and I lose one in the process. Means I have to break another pack just for one string.
  • 22:48:53: @TanyaHuff Heh. How’d you know it was a G? 🙂
  • 22:55:18: Just got an email alert about my WoW account from “”. Think it’s legit?

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From Twitter 09-24-2010

  • 13:49:32: @mariancall Actually, I heard it elsewhere first. But I have….secret sources. *blinks innocently*
  • 17:19:14: @aiela @mariancall Among…..other things, yes. 🙂
  • 20:28:03: Was very sad to learn today that the corner barbecue joint closed. They were one of our go-to delivery options. :/
  • 22:39:57: @aiela I’m actually considering re-upping our gym membership.

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From Twitter 09-23-2010

  • 08:58:17: @radiantbaby At 9am, my workday is already 25% over. 🙂
  • 08:58:45: I could seriously go broke buying ties now that I’ve decided to wear them regularly again.
  • 09:17:19: RT @missiondeep I’ve played through the Civ 5 demo twice & I can tell I’m going to have to buy it & quit my job & live on welfare. Curses.
  • 11:31:56: RT @FakeAPStylebook: “Controversial” is a legal term meaning “probably wrong, but we can’t be bothered to check.”
  • 12:00:02: RT @Syfy: I’m giving away a #Warehouse13 T-shirt to 3 random people who retweet this note by 5pm PT on 9/27. G’luck!
  • 12:30:05: @thetart Can you login to, say, GMail or some other web-based email client outside of where you are?
  • 23:28:14: I’m sitting on the bed, changing the strings on the guitar. How the heck did I manage to lose a bridge pin?

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From Twitter 09-22-2010

  • 09:05:29: Was up stupidly late last night. But Civilization V is *gorgeous*
  • 09:10:59: @kristamonster Actually yes. It’s still the Civ we know and love, but a lot of the gameplay improvements are substantial.
  • 13:03:16: @tomwillner Oh cool! A show I don’t have to drive halfway across town to see!! 🙂
  • 15:12:08: @vixy @seananmcguire I actually told a WoW guildie that the reason her VoIP client was buzzing was that we had filled her computer with bees
  • 15:27:25: @seananmcguire When I find myself in heaps of trouble / angry mobs surrounding me / I know just the answer / release bees…
  • 15:58:16: TwitterNewsNetwork Dateline Canada: Fantasy author @TanyaHuff reports swarm of angry bees now stuck in her head. Film at 11!

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From Twitter 09-21-2010

  • 08:32:46: Twitter has a javascript vulnerability. Be wary if you’re using the webpage rather than a client:
  • 08:40:17: @aiela @kristamonster Given that it’s a mouseover vuln, pretty much anyone not using a 3rd party client is likely to be hit.
  • 08:45:28: @kristamonster This is why I tend to read Twitter with the Pidgin plugin. 🙂
  • 09:22:01: RT @paulandstorm [S] With one glitch, Twitter has opened up a new field of explanations as to why was on your computer.
  • 10:57:49: RT @Twitterrific Twitter reports the XSS attack has now been fully patched. should be safe again –
  • 11:06:17: RT @DragonConTV Twitter mouseover bug redirects people to porn sites. How is that different from the rest of the Internet?
  • 12:06:15: @JewelStaite For what it’s worth, “talking about yourself” is *why* I follow you. You’re interesting, and I want to know what you’re up to.

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From Twitter 09-20-2010

  • 14:19:39: Meh. Slept awfully last night, woke up feeling like I’d been hit by a train. Called in to work, went back to bed, and slept until after noon

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