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From Twitter 09-26-2010

  • 22:35:36: I hate it when I’m putting new strings on the 12 and I lose one in the process. Means I have to break another pack just for one string.
  • 22:48:53: @TanyaHuff Heh. How’d you know it was a G? 🙂
  • 22:55:18: Just got an email alert about my WoW account from “”. Think it’s legit?

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  1. IME the most likely strings to go on a 12-string are G and B.

  2. In mine it is usually the high E.

    Elderly Instruments will sell you single strings. I think I ordered them off the website, but I phoned the store first to confer with them because I didn’t recognize the brands they carry.

    • Hrm. I might have to look into that. I had forgotten how MUCH better my guitar sounds with fresh strings, and I’d been lazy about changing them for the longest time.

      Anyway, it was no giant loss, because I had 3 packs of strings on hand, so I just raided one for a new G.

      • I have the same problem. Think I’ll just take the 12-string over to the Guitar Store and ask them to put it on. That way, if it breaks, it won’t be on my dime…heh heh

      • I think I bought two or three spare high-E strings the last time.

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