• 09:05:29: Was up stupidly late last night. But Civilization V is *gorgeous*
  • 09:10:59: @kristamonster Actually yes. It’s still the Civ we know and love, but a lot of the gameplay improvements are substantial.
  • 13:03:16: @tomwillner Oh cool! A show I don’t have to drive halfway across town to see!! 🙂
  • 15:12:08: @vixy @seananmcguire I actually told a WoW guildie that the reason her VoIP client was buzzing was that we had filled her computer with bees
  • 15:27:25: @seananmcguire When I find myself in heaps of trouble / angry mobs surrounding me / I know just the answer / release bees…
  • 15:58:16: TwitterNewsNetwork Dateline Canada: Fantasy author @TanyaHuff reports swarm of angry bees now stuck in her head. Film at 11!

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