• 07:28:21: @The_T But the UPSIDE of a fresh windows install…….er…..no wait, you still end up with windows. Nevermind, carry on.
  • 07:37:14: @The_T I see your civilization has discovered the technology of Windows Patching. We will trade you Perfect Cup Of Tea for it!
  • 10:05:32: @simonpegg You know what my favourite 3D entertainment is? It’s this really innovative thing called “theatre”! I know, right?
  • 17:26:38: Out-of-context quote of the day: ‘I’m mortal. *You’re* mortal. Let’s have sex!”
  • 17:40:53: @Aiglet This has been another “Living In The Future Moment”, brought to you by SkyNet: We Bring All Sorts Of Things To Life.
  • 17:42:06: @seananmcguire I love you too! *mwah* <3

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