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A Month of TV Commentary: A Meme in 30 Parts: Day 14
Published On: September 30, 2010

Day 14 – Favorite male character

If I’d been keeping up with this and written t his back when I first started this “one month” meme *mumble* months ago, I’d have had an entirely different answer to this question, but I’ve since acquired a new obsession favourite TV show, namely USA Network’s White Collar

Which brings me to Neal Caffrey.

The short premise of the show is “He’s a charming con-man with a heart of gold. He’s the FBI agent who put him in prison. They fight crime!” Specifically, they fight the kind of high-stakes, big money crimes that you’d expect the “white collar’ division of the FBI to tackle: art heists, stock swindles, counterfeiting, etc. The sorts of crimes that Neal specialised in, and quite often ends up going undercover to help solve, because he moves easily in that world.

I like Neal Caffrey because he has style. He dresses well, he’s charming, extremely intelligent and well-spoken, has a wicked sense of humour, a great sense of fun and adventure, and a taste for the finer things in life. I remarked recently to kitanzi that I often “aspired to a level of sophistication that I do not always possess.”, and this is a character that embodies all of those traits that I admire and covet. (Well, except for the “criminal” part of it. But, hey, nobody’s perfect.)

I will even admit that he directly inspired me to take a critical look at my own personal sartorial style and make some needed changes. So this show has done me a great deal of personal psychic good.

If you’re not watching White Collar, do give it a Continue Reading

Published On: September 30, 2010
  • 09:37:31: @simonpegg Pretty sure that was called “radio”.
  • 11:26:17: @mariancall When you get to Detroit, make a point of touring the old Motown studio. It’s a heck of an experience.
  • 11:41:38: If you love somebody, tell them today. Don’t wait until tomorrow…or even until after lunch.
  • 12:20:06: Sometimes wonder if George Lucas is engaged in bet with someone to see how many times he can get folks to pay for same films
  • 12:39:25: @mariancall no matter what they claim, NYC is not actually it’s own state. 🙂
  • 14:23:14: @seananmcguire And why your blood is boiling hot….?
  • 22:59:43: @davehogg Han shoots first, even in the Special Edition. I have an elegant little proof of this, but it’s too long for Twitter.

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Published On: September 30, 2008

Thanks to everyone who commented on this post.. My friend read them all and wishes me to thank you all. She’s very grateful for all your concern, support, and suggestions, and when she was feeling overwhelmed, she’d come back and reread your comments and take strength from them.

After the stress finally became enough to make her physically ill yesterday, she took a sick day to consider her options, and had a long talk with Boss. The end result of which is that she plans on tendering her two-week notice today, and begin looking for employment elsewhere.

It’s a big, scary thing to do, but I think that it will ultimately be the best for her. I’m glad she’s going to soon have this madness behind her.

Published On: September 30, 2007

“Do not strangle your sister with the snake!”

“But that’s my little nothing!”

“But, if you read that out loud we’ll all have to take a nap.”

[watching me play World of Warcraft]
“What are you doing?”
“Throwing bombs at those eggs so they blow up.”
“Don’t they need those to make babies?”
“But we don’t want them to make babies.”
“That’s not nice”
“Well, I never convinced your mother that debating the morality of actions in a fantasy role playing game wasn’t productive eith–”
(excitedly pointing to a clutch of eggs on the screen) “BLOW UP THAT ONE!”

“I know what a boat IS, I just don’t have one!

“Your computer doesn’t even speak Latin, let alone Middle English.”

“Will you shave MY head and spray paint it?”

“Both of you, stop it! You do not need to fight over a book of naked girls.”

Published On: September 30, 2005

Seen on a mailing list:


Wherein, you shall find stuff like:

Yon renowned fellow, let us kick it
Ho, everyone, cease, I prithee listen
Thor hath returned with a new invention
Something taketh hold of me most tight
Floweth like a harpoon day and night
Shall it ever end? I doth not know
Conjure the darkness and I shall glow
To great measure, mine voice is as a vandal
Brighten mine surroundings and snuff a life as though ’twere a candle
Yon mystic dance doth boom like a storm in motion
I bring death upon thee as like a black potion
Lethal, when I doth serenade thee
For any lesser tune wouldst be a travesty
Art thy affections roused, or dost thou flee?
Thou shouldst aim well, lest I forsake thee
If there be any ill, I shalt resolve it
Look thee upon mine hook while mine DJ revolves it


Ooh, mine beloved, knowest thou what that be worth?
Ooh, Valhalla art a place on Earth.
The minstrels sing that in Valhalla, love comes first
Thou makest Valhalla a place on Earth.
Ooh, Valhalla art a place on Earth.

EDIT: Due to confusion, I’ll point out that this is a pastiche of the Marvel Comics rendition of Thor, in which Stan Lee puts a high school production of Shakespeare through a blender on puree.