• 07:03:56: Ugh. Good morning, headache. Why don’t you just run along. I have work to do.
  • 07:14:53: Oh good: to top it off, I left my IM client running all weekend on a computer I wasn’t near. Apologies to anyone who tried to contact me.
  • 08:46:06: @chrislhayes Pretty much. Though when I complained on Twitter that I didn’t have it yet, it showed up within 24 hours. Sympathetic magic?
  • 13:58:44: RT @vixy RT @postsecret “Dance like the photo’s not being tagged, Love like you’ve never been unfriended, Tweet like nobody’s following.” (ETA: May have been originated by Adrian Clark (@Aydsman) in 2009.)
  • 15:43:12: @mariancall Mine is like that. You still have a key. You just don’t have to actually take it out of your pocket. #livinginthefuture
  • 16:58:52: @thetart I am, though I will love it more when I finish training it. 🙂

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