• 08:58:17: @radiantbaby At 9am, my workday is already 25% over. 🙂
  • 08:58:45: I could seriously go broke buying ties now that I’ve decided to wear them regularly again.
  • 09:17:19: RT @missiondeep I’ve played through the Civ 5 demo twice & I can tell I’m going to have to buy it & quit my job & live on welfare. Curses.
  • 11:31:56: RT @FakeAPStylebook: “Controversial” is a legal term meaning “probably wrong, but we can’t be bothered to check.”
  • 12:00:02: RT @Syfy: I’m giving away a #Warehouse13 T-shirt to 3 random people who retweet this note by 5pm PT on 9/27. G’luck!
  • 12:30:05: @thetart Can you login to, say, GMail or some other web-based email client outside of where you are?
  • 23:28:14: I’m sitting on the bed, changing the strings on the guitar. How the heck did I manage to lose a bridge pin?

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