• 08:45:57: @seananmcguire Your grenade launcher is under that pile of clothes next to your computer chair.
  • 11:01:47: @ferretthimself Someone should invent an international computer network that allows you to find & watch TV programmes you missed DVRing
  • 12:07:11: @PhilKMills @TanyaHuff Actually, you know, we could maybe sell that. Tanya, call your TV contacts, we’ve got a pitch to make! 🙂
  • 19:04:45: At Gwinnett Arena waiting for start so So You Think You Can Dance Live Tour. Great seats, about 15-20 rows back on the floor.
  • 19:07:45: Right on the aisle. Great sight-lines. http://yfrog.com/htjnelbj

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