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Day: September 2, 2010

A Month of TV Commentary: A Meme in 30 Parts: Day 11

Day 11 – A show that disappointed you

I hadn’t forgotten this, but this question had me stumped. The truth is that I couldn’t think of a single show that I’d call disappointing, at least in the sense of “I was really looking forward to this and it turned out to be meh.” Certainly there are shows that went in directions that disappointed me: House leaps to mind as a show that I loved, and which eventually chased me away with the direction it was going. (I’ve been told it got better, but I’ve not bothered trying to find out.)

I think the closest I can come up with for a show that disappointed me on the offset was Ricky Gervais’s The Office. When it first started airing over here, it was being lauded in commercials as the best new comedy in ages and a brilliant satire. So I decided to check it out, and found it dreadfully, sometimes painfully, unfunny. I’ve liked Gervais in other things, so it’s not just his sense of humour not connecting with me, but I really couldn’t get into it. After three different episodes completely failing to amuse me, I gave it up. (I have no opinion on the US version with Steve Carrell, etc, as I’ve never watched it either.)

I promise more regular updates as we delve into somewhat easier questions. 🙂

From Twitter 09-01-2010

  • 07:43:14: I have a strong desire to do a mashup of “See You in September” & “Wake Me Up When September Ends”. Sadly (fortunately?) I don’t know how
  • 15:37:10: @nprfreshair “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me (You Don’t Love Me Anymore)” #countrymusicweek
  • 15:47:22: @nprfreshair “Proud to Live This American Life” #countrymusicweek
  • 15:48:27: @nprfreshair “All Things Considered, I’d Rather Have a Beer” #countrymusicweek

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