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From Twitter 09-19-2010

  • 18:27:14: @extralife on TLAPD I speak in a precise British accent, a la Cary Elwes in “The Princess Bride”

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From Twitter 09-18-2010

  • 09:56:38: @thetart Totally get that. Being tired but not sleepy is most of my nights.
  • 21:20:04: @feliciaday A friend of mine one remarked “If you have never walked into a lamppost, you are wasting valuable reading time.”

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From Twitter 09-17-2010

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From Twitter 09-15-2010

  • 08:47:28: @aiela I think your new cheques should be the “Erotic Film Stars Of The 1930s” set.
  • 08:48:23: @ipadgirl You keep saying that. It’s very pressuring.
  • 10:12:45: @extralife Could be worse. His mom could be the school’s librarian. #teacherskid
  • 13:13:14: @gwenzilla I have a friend who seems to still be using it for educational purposes, as of a few weeks ago.
  • 14:04:57: @mariancall Mountain Stage should totally book you. Who do we wardial until they agree?
  • 15:54:57: RT @AmazonKindle: Seanan McGuire (@seananmcguire) honored w/John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer! Check out Seanan’s works: http:/ …

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From Twitter 09-14-2010

  • 08:11:17: @adamselzer Had a bike stolen once. Always hoped thief was going downhill towards a busy intersection when he discovered brakes didn’t work
  • 09:07:06: @PhilKMills Would a suicidal programmers last project be a “Goodbye, world” program?
  • 12:02:51: @wilw “_____ is my _____ cover band” is my ? and the Mysterians cover band.

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From Twitter 09-13-2010

  • 09:36:04: Desperate for caffeine this morning; I’m actually drinking the office coffee. (Apparently, I don’t function well on a good night’s sleep.)
  • 11:02:39: @aiela Misread that as ‘I always vote both’ and thought ‘That’s gonna be hard on the laptop.’
  • 11:25:22: @petersagal With my freeze ray I will STOP……ooops. Er….could someone please thaw me? Hello? Hello?
  • 13:42:06: @vixy Er….you mean it does that for a reason? I’ve never figured it out. I thought maybe it was hungry.
  • 17:28:34: “In this savage life, it takes a knife to be certain.” –my wife. (Feel free to invent your own context.)

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A Month of TV Commentary: A Meme in 30 Parts: Day 13

Day 13 – Favourite childhood show

It’s hard to pick just one show, as I was one of those kids in the TV age who grew up on the stuff. Also, where precisely would the dividing line be between childhood and not-childhood shows.

But thinking of it, there’s a show I remember quite fondly. It debuted when I was 10, and I watched it on and off for a number of years: PBS’s kid’s science programme 3-2-1 Contact

3-2-1 Contact was a magazine style program, with several (often related) segments dealing with science and nature. It also contained a running serial detective series with three kids, who would get caught up in various little mysteries, and solve them using some science trick or another:

Not sure how well they hold up after 30 years, though it was a bit of fun to rewatch these clips. Sadly, it doesn’t appear that this show has ever been released on DVD. C’mon, CTW, let’s see some love for the classics! 🙂

In Rememberance of the Day

I wrote these words eight years ago. They’re still true today.

I don’t have a problem with remembering the terrible human tragedy that occurred eight years ago today. I think it would do us all good to pause and reflect on how terrible events can bring us together, and to remember what we learned, as a nation, as a community, as a people, about the world.

But I also think we should spend more time looking forward, not looking back.

We should spend more time making grand plans and executing them, inviting our souls and being creative, and living life to the fullest.

We should spend more time doing small, special things for our friends, our family, our loved ones.

We should spend more time laughing, and making music, and increasing the joy in the people around us.

We should spend more time helping each other, and holding each other, and saying “I love you” to each other.

Because at the end of the day, each other is all we ever really have.

From Twitter 09-10-2010

  • 10:05:33: @chrislhayes You’re dangerous, you are. With your…..words and things. Got our eye on you, yes we do, and make no mistake of it.
  • 10:52:28: Why is it still morning? Why is it not yet four in the afternoon?
  • 11:58:28: Got e-mail from my mother this morning, which was a nice surprise; last I knew her computer was dead & she wasn’t planning to replace it.
  • 14:56:10: @vixy Oh, what fun it all would be!

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A Month of TV Commentary: A Meme in 30 Parts: Day 12

Day 12 – An episode you’ve watched more than 5 times

There’s a lot of episodes I’ve watched more than five times. I’ve always been one to revisit books, movies, and TV series that I really enjoy.

But the single episode of a TV series I’ve likely watched more times than any other, hands down, is the episode “Inferno’ from Coupling. This is largely because kitanzi and I tend to try and hook anyone who will sit still long enough on the show, and partly because it contains one of the greatest comedy rants of all time:

In all seriousness, if you’ve never seen Coupling, you should give it a try. Smart, snappy, and funny: everything you could ever ask from a situation comedy.

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