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Insane cat

I have concluded that Jenna is insane.

I reported earlier about Jenna’s adventures with the fireplace. After finally giving her a bath and a couple of weeks of self-cleaning and shedding, she was starting to look almost normal again.

So, of course, I came home today to find that she had gotten into the fireplace again and was as grey as before, if not more. Of course, this time I had the necessary stuff on hand, so I got undressed and, with a helping hand from telynor‘s son, G., we gave the poor dear another bath.

She’s hiding under the bed and refusing to talk to me now. I don’t know when she’ll ever be white again. And this weekend, I have to go and spend some time figuring out how to close off the fireplace.

Meanwhile, the cat is insane.

Poor Sooty Kitty!

Last night after telynor left, we decided to go out and have a dinner out as we didn’t feel like washing any dishes. We ended up at Famous Dave’s Barbecue, where we had a massive plate of food. Upon returning, I walked into the bedroom, where I saw Jenna sitting on the bed obscured by shadows. To my amazement, when I flicked on the light, the shadows didn’t go away!

Further investigation revealed that she had managed to get past the mesh screen protecting the fireplace and was now covered with soot! Our lovely white kitty was now an odd mottled grey!

I think she thinks she’s in trouble. I’m trying hard not to wound her dignity by laughing too hard at her!

Kitty update

Jenna continues to settle in. She still spends a large portion of the time under the bed, but is starting to come out more and more. Dayna still hasn’t quite gotten used to the idea, but now MOSTLY just glares at her, and is hissing less. Last night, they even spent some time on the same bed together.


I seem to have gotten into a nice roll of journaling lately. Some fluff, some content. I’ll try and keep it up.

Jenna continues to adjust to living here. She spends a lot of time under the daybed in the living room, or under our bed in the bedroom, but she’s started coming out and trying to be social when the mood strikes her. Dayna still thinks she’s an intruder, but since the two cats both have the same reaction to confronting each other (that is, to run away), we’re letting them sort each other out on their own terms.

Been fairly draggy all day, due to overnight shift last night. We had to put a new Ethernet card into one of our servers so it could be hooked into the private backdoor network. As this would bring down several of our affiliates webpages who rely on the content of this server, it needed to be done at off hours. So I came home early yesterday, took a nap, and then went over to the data centre around 1am to do the work.

It went very smoothly, and maedbh7 kept me company on the phone for the trip there and back. I slept until noon this morning, then went into work for a half day. Came home and crashed out again.

See, that’s the problem with trying to journal my daily life — it’s lots of boring days like that. Heck, most of them don’t even have the “excitement” of a late night shift or anything useful like that. 🙂

Not much on tap this weekend. We’re a bit cash tight until payday next Friday, so it’ll probably be a low-key hang around the house day.

Brief Panic Attack

I got home from work today and promptly checked the answering machine. There was a message from the Cat Clinic asking how the new kitty was doing, and inviting me to call back. I made a note to myself to call back tomorrow, since it was after hours by that point, and went to actually see how Jenna was.

And I couldn’t find her. Anywhere.

Now, Jenna’s currently spending most of her time confined to the front part of the house, to allow her and Dayna to settle into each other’s company gradually. So it’s not as if there were copious places for her to hide, and I already knew where most of her favourite places were. And she wasn’t in any of them.

So I went and looked in the bedroom area. Again, no Jenna.

At this point, I freaked out slightly, tearing through the house looking in the most implausible places. I mean, opening cabinets. Checking in the furnace closet (a door which is almost never opened). I even went outside and glanced around… having her get out would have been my greatest fear.

So, just about the time I’m about to become completely hysterical, I check under the bed in the bedroom for the fifth time. And for the first time, notice her, all the way back against the wall, her white fur blending perfectly with the wall. I pulled her out and hugged her tightly, a transgression for which I’m still not sure she’s forgiven me for. 🙂 But all is well, and she’s just fine.

Your daily kitty cuteness…

Fighting the Loneliness

Our cat Dayna has always been a bit high strung and neurotic, but she had been getting increasingly clingy and needy with her requests for attention. We finally decided that she’s probably lonely from not having other cats around (something she had for the first five years of her life). So Saturday morning, kitanzi and I went down to The Cat Clinic of Roswell to see what they had available for adoption.

Down days

Yesterday afternoon I got home from work feeling utterly exhausted — to the point where I fell asleep in front of the TV within 15 minutes of turning it on. So I thought I’d go lie down for a nap until kitanzi got home. about 20 minutes later, she called me, asking if I’d be willing to come pick her up from work because she wasn’t feeling well either.

Neither of us seems to be outright sick, but both feeling a bit under the weather, so we’ve taken it easy today. We did go to the library booksale, and picked up a small handful of books, including a half dozen Keith Laumer Retief books, which I’ve never actually read, and an AD&D Fiend Folio, a lovely book that usually sells for quite a bit, and they only wanted $1 for. Then we swung down to Roswell to check the Gafilk mailbox, and back home for relaxation.

We waited until six to officially decide not to attend the Atlanta housefilk tonight. Disappointing, as this marks the fourth in a row we’ve missed for one reason or another, but Gafilk is in one month, and we’ll get to see everyone there. I hope everyone has a good time.

So, in leui of anything actually interesting to say, I’ll succumb to the last resort of the helpless blogger

Random musing

First of all, happy birthday to the sublime catsittingstill on her natal anniversary. I’m still entirely convinced that Cat is not strictly human, but somehow a Tolkien elf who never passed into the West, but at any rate, we’re damn glad to have her around.

I adore Mark Morford. Sometimes he goes a bit over the top, but i love the sensibility that anchors his work. I especially liked column today. I could have written the following about myself:

“I don’t watch NASCAR or “WWE Raw” or “The Man Show.” I don’t read a lot of Maxim or ESPN Magazine or Sporting News nor frequent Gold’s Gym with a cadre of thick muscled dudes named Rick or Tony who stand over me and spot my bench presses with a lot of c’mon dude you can do it pump one more rep yeah yeah yeah, just before we all high five and go out for pizza and beer and talk about SportsCenter and the crazy shopping habits/frustrating fellatio inhibitions of our wives.

I do not spend endless hours of every weekend out in the garage rebuilding my rusty old ’67 ‘Stang. I do not grill giant slabs of beef ribs on the Weber every night. I do not reshingle the house or wear khaki Dockers or pound pitchers of Bud Light at O’Shaunessey’s during the Final Four. Maybe I should. But I don’t.

In fact, I engage in few stereotypical manly guy things largely because I live in the City and enjoy a wickedly urban and decidedly lubricious lifestyle, and tend to find many traditionally “guy” activities to be sort of unfulfilling and uninteresting and occasionally sort of dorky and faux macho and sadly devoid of divine sensuality and intellectual mystery and really good booze. But whatever. That’s just me.”

The truth is, I’ve never been entirely comfortable with “guy things”. Most of my close personal friends are female. I enjoy “chick flicks”. I cry over sentimental things. I find most of the concerns of the “average male” to be banal. I often wonder if there wasn’t some sort of mixup in the Souls Routing department, and somewhere out there is a very tomboyish girl who enjoys auto repair and football who was supposed to end up in this body. Something to think over.

Dayna is definitely feeling much better this morning, and back to her old friendly self. And I got a voice mail from the vet on her blood work from last week, confirming that she’s negative for FIV and feline leukemia. This doesn’t remotely surprise me, since she’s never been outside a day in her life, but it’s still reassuring to know her health is in top shape.

Rejoined the Columbia House DVD club for another set of nearly free DVDs (seven for the price of two, essentially). Picked up Willy Wonka And the Chocolate Factory, Harold and Maude, Sense and Sensibility, The Englisman Who Went Up A Hill But Came Down a Mountain, Schoolhouse Rock, Forrest Gump, and the amusing Mel Gibson/Helen Hunt film What Women Want. Also picked up the Matthew Broderick remake of The Music Man, because, let’s face it, I’m curious. It takes a lot of guts to step into a part that is so firmly and universally associated with one actor, in this case the late, great Robert Preston. I admit that Harold Hill is a part I’ve always wanted to do on stage myself. And of course, I got Pirates of the Caribbean because it rocks and stuff.

We didn’t actually watch any of these last night, opting for The Daily Show and the last part of the sex in the 20th century documentary that was stacked up on the TiVo. TiVo good. I like the TiVo.

Almost no one wants to ask me questions? The poll is still open!

Getting the cat repaired

As I mentioned in a previous post, our kitty Dayna had never gotten spayed for some reason in the first five years of her life. (This is, I must confess, partially my fault for not insisting on it being a high priority in the budget back *before* K. and I split up, but anyway…) So this morning, I took her down to the Cat Clinic to be repaired.

They called me at about 3pm to tell me that she was awake and alert and doing well, and could come home after 5pm. So I went down to get her and bring her home. She spent most of the time between then and now sulking in the bedroom closet, but she’s come out to grouchily inform us that she’s not at all pleased with the state of the world or her place in it.

But once she heals up, I think she’ll be much happier. She was so miserable, poor dear. And we will certainly sleep better at night without the caterwauling cries for a man, any man, to come and satisfy her need! 🙂

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