Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Insane cat

I have concluded that Jenna is insane.

I reported earlier about Jenna’s adventures with the fireplace. After finally giving her a bath and a couple of weeks of self-cleaning and shedding, she was starting to look almost normal again.

So, of course, I came home today to find that she had gotten into the fireplace again and was as grey as before, if not more. Of course, this time I had the necessary stuff on hand, so I got undressed and, with a helping hand from telynor‘s son, G., we gave the poor dear another bath.

She’s hiding under the bed and refusing to talk to me now. I don’t know when she’ll ever be white again. And this weekend, I have to go and spend some time figuring out how to close off the fireplace.

Meanwhile, the cat is insane.


So, tell me what you know…


Customers never cease to amaze me.


  1. Do you use the fireplace at all? I don’t have much need for one in Texas, so I just put boxes in front of it. Mine isn’t all that dirty, but the kittens think they can climb up the flue.

    • We do, actualy -- that’s why it’s so sooty. ACat tried scrubbing it out after her first incident, in fact. It didn’t help much, unfortunately.

  2. Definately insane. I don’t have much sympathy for her hiding under the bed and refusing to speak routine. One trip into the fireplace, she can get away with the dignified pout. If she does it again, the resulting bath’s her own d*mn fault. 🙂

    It reminds me of our old cat, who used to sneak into the garage when we were going in, and then get indignant when he ended up locked in there all day while we were gone. Well really cat, what did you expect??

  3. And here I thought cats benefited from -less- ash in their diet 😉 -H…

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