I seem to have gotten into a nice roll of journaling lately. Some fluff, some content. I’ll try and keep it up.

Jenna continues to adjust to living here. She spends a lot of time under the daybed in the living room, or under our bed in the bedroom, but she’s started coming out and trying to be social when the mood strikes her. Dayna still thinks she’s an intruder, but since the two cats both have the same reaction to confronting each other (that is, to run away), we’re letting them sort each other out on their own terms.

Been fairly draggy all day, due to overnight shift last night. We had to put a new Ethernet card into one of our servers so it could be hooked into the private backdoor network. As this would bring down several of our affiliates webpages who rely on the content of this server, it needed to be done at off hours. So I came home early yesterday, took a nap, and then went over to the data centre around 1am to do the work.

It went very smoothly, and maedbh7 kept me company on the phone for the trip there and back. I slept until noon this morning, then went into work for a half day. Came home and crashed out again.

See, that’s the problem with trying to journal my daily life — it’s lots of boring days like that. Heck, most of them don’t even have the “excitement” of a late night shift or anything useful like that. 🙂

Not much on tap this weekend. We’re a bit cash tight until payday next Friday, so it’ll probably be a low-key hang around the house day.