Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Poor Sooty Kitty!

Last night after telynor left, we decided to go out and have a dinner out as we didn’t feel like washing any dishes. We ended up at Famous Dave’s Barbecue, where we had a massive plate of food. Upon returning, I walked into the bedroom, where I saw Jenna sitting on the bed obscured by shadows. To my amazement, when I flicked on the light, the shadows didn’t go away!

Further investigation revealed that she had managed to get past the mesh screen protecting the fireplace and was now covered with soot! Our lovely white kitty was now an odd mottled grey!

I think she thinks she’s in trouble. I’m trying hard not to wound her dignity by laughing too hard at her!

Don’t take a picture of me…

I don’t have to put up with this!


Quiet Weekend


Good lunch


  1. Poor kitty -- time for a bath?

  2. Oh dear. That’s a remarkable color change. Poor silly kitty.

  3. Hee! She did a pretty good job of it, didn’t she? Looks like she was trying to give herself a dye job to make her match the other cat a bit better 🙂


    • Yep. If one didn’t know that she started out white, one would say that that must be perfectly natural.

      The amazing thing to me is how the texture of the fur produced those strips.

    • That was what I was thinking before I actually saw the pics -- I think she just tries to express her Siamese ethnicity. Looks so pretty!!!

  4. *laugh* That’s pretty impressive!

    A friend of mine had a long-haired white cat named Chimneysweep, so named because of a similar habit. (This cat actually climbed around in the rafters in the basement; my friend didn’t have a chimney. But the effect was the same.) She did give up the habit as she got older, but of course she was named as a kitten. 🙂

  5. Anonymous

    The Gray Mouser

    Bath time indeed, before kitty goes lick, lick, lick and internalizes the stuff. 🙁

    Ann Onynous.

  6. If you didn’t know that wasn’t natural, what a pretty kitty she is in those colours. Maybe she was feeling out-ranked by Dayna, and decided to make up for it by turning herself into a black moggy too!

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