Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Down days

Yesterday afternoon I got home from work feeling utterly exhausted — to the point where I fell asleep in front of the TV within 15 minutes of turning it on. So I thought I’d go lie down for a nap until kitanzi got home. about 20 minutes later, she called me, asking if I’d be willing to come pick her up from work because she wasn’t feeling well either.

Neither of us seems to be outright sick, but both feeling a bit under the weather, so we’ve taken it easy today. We did go to the library booksale, and picked up a small handful of books, including a half dozen Keith Laumer Retief books, which I’ve never actually read, and an AD&D Fiend Folio, a lovely book that usually sells for quite a bit, and they only wanted $1 for. Then we swung down to Roswell to check the Gafilk mailbox, and back home for relaxation.

We waited until six to officially decide not to attend the Atlanta housefilk tonight. Disappointing, as this marks the fourth in a row we’ve missed for one reason or another, but Gafilk is in one month, and we’ll get to see everyone there. I hope everyone has a good time.

So, in leui of anything actually interesting to say, I’ll succumb to the last resort of the helpless blogger

Dayna sitting on top of kitanzi‘s CPU:

Dayna being affectionate:

Dayna under my desk:


I feel myself becoming a god…




  1. The Boy: “Dat cute! The picture that shows Larissa and Dayna snuggling is my favorite :)”

    Me: Me too 🙂 -H…

  2. she looks just like my little psychopath….who’s currently fighting me for my cashews…freak.

  3. You were both missed at the filk. We had a great time, good food and good singing. I plan to post a report tomorrow (we’ll see…). I look forward to seeing you at GAFilk.

  4. separated at birth????

    Dayna looks remarkably like Circe. I hope she’s better behaved, though.

  5. Oooh, sweet cat! *hugs to the humans, scritches to dayna*

  6. *strokes the cute cat*

    hope you both feel more energetic soon!

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