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So after some thought, we’ve decided to keep the Blakes 7 theme that has named the last four cats I’ve acquired, and rechristen the white kitty “Jenna”.

So far, the kitties are still quite wary of one another, and are being kept seperate whenever we aren’t around to supervise. The apartment is large enough that they can mostly avoid each other if they desire. But Jenna is coming out and being sociable with the humans, so I think things are going quite well. 🙂

Jenna says, “Mmmmmm, books, I love books!”

Dayna says “Don’t point that at me!”


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  1. Am I a total geek because my first thought was “I know -exactly- where in the apartment that picture was taken!” And then I went “awww, cute kitty.”?

  2. she looks just like Magic.

  3. Awwwwwww! Y’all got kittens. I’m really happy now. 🙂

  4. *purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr* 🙂

  5. Black and white…cool. and cute.

    • …and that way you make sure that whatever you are wearing, dark or light, there will be hairs visible.

      • It doesn’t matter what colour a cat is, a Real Cat will manage to drop hairs which show up on anything <g>. It just makes it easier for them if they can take turns…

        Cute helps with getting away with it. I know some filkers like that &ltg>…

        • Well, Paulinchen’s hair is really not visible on black clothing (she looks like autographedcat’s userpic). She’s my mother’s cat. A shame that my mother has white carpeting everywhere…
          Daisy (the cat who lives in my flat) manages to make everything visibly hairy, she’s salt-n-pepper… and a very Real Cat.

  6. That one of Dayna is freaky! It looks like disembodied eyes and ears. Jenna seems set to be a ture fannish cat, cuddling up to the books like that.

  7. The adorable-quotient of the second image is near the toxic level for humans, so it’s a good thing you put these behind a cute-tag.

    (Can’t help thinking about … what was the title? “My Neighbour Totoro”?)

  8. Mmmmmm….love the kitties. The kitty loves the books. Love the books, kitty!


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