Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Brief Panic Attack

I got home from work today and promptly checked the answering machine. There was a message from the Cat Clinic asking how the new kitty was doing, and inviting me to call back. I made a note to myself to call back tomorrow, since it was after hours by that point, and went to actually see how Jenna was.

And I couldn’t find her. Anywhere.

Now, Jenna’s currently spending most of her time confined to the front part of the house, to allow her and Dayna to settle into each other’s company gradually. So it’s not as if there were copious places for her to hide, and I already knew where most of her favourite places were. And she wasn’t in any of them.

So I went and looked in the bedroom area. Again, no Jenna.

At this point, I freaked out slightly, tearing through the house looking in the most implausible places. I mean, opening cabinets. Checking in the furnace closet (a door which is almost never opened). I even went outside and glanced around… having her get out would have been my greatest fear.

So, just about the time I’m about to become completely hysterical, I check under the bed in the bedroom for the fifth time. And for the first time, notice her, all the way back against the wall, her white fur blending perfectly with the wall. I pulled her out and hugged her tightly, a transgression for which I’m still not sure she’s forgiven me for. 🙂 But all is well, and she’s just fine.


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A Rather Pleasant Evening


  1. kiz accidentally smacked magic in the head the other night because she blended too well with his jacket, which she was napping on.

  2. Shortly after we got Kosh and Londo, Londo fell asleep in my sock drawer and blended in well enough that I pushed it shut with my foot as I walked past without noticing her -- inducing a panic an hour or so later when I couldn’t find the cat *anywhere*. I was calling and calling, and getting no reaction, when finally in a state close to panic I recalled pushing the drawer shut….

    I pulled it open and got the cat-stare that suggested I’d interrupted a particularly nice nap, and would I please go away again.

    • Haha, your cats in the shadows -- guess you heard that joke once too often…?!
      Paulinchen has a secret place somewhere -- sometimes she can’t be found at all and when we are at the brink of hysterics she just walks by.

      • “I am the Cat who Walks by Himself, and all places are alike to me.” — Kipling, of course.

  3. Been there, done that, got the scratches! Hug

  4. Are you sure she wasn’t right there on the mantle, next to the letter?

  5. When we moved into our current house I carefully opened all the cat carriers at the same time so no one would get precedence. Two of the cats promptly disappeared — we’re talking “can’t find for 24+ hours” disappeared here — and it really freaked me. (I was sure there must have been some secret passage to the great outdoors and they were now lost in the new neighborhood.) Embla had apparently climbed into the rafters in the basement, and Baldur emerged from the living-room fireplace covered in soot. I still don’t know how they spent their time otherwise… (Erik, meanwhile, had explored the house in a more conventional fashion.)

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