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Kitty update

Jenna continues to settle in. She still spends a large portion of the time under the bed, but is starting to come out more and more. Dayna still hasn’t quite gotten used to the idea, but now MOSTLY just glares at her, and is hissing less. Last night, they even spent some time on the same bed together.

I was really hoping this was the final acceptance, but alas, this morning Dayna pounced on her and chased her from the room. Two steps forward, one step back.

Jenna has gotten remarkably good at finding places to hide. Last night I couldn’t find her again when coming home, but eventually found her inside the couch. (We have a double recliner love seat that was given to us by weirdsister‘s ex-husband before he moved away). If she keeps it up, I may yet have that nervous breakdown. 🙂


Weekend Update




  1. they are still establishing a dominance pattern, but there also might be some play there. cat play can look hostile when it’s not.

    • This is true. This morning Jenna spent the morning curled up on TOP of the bed rather than under it, which is a good sign. 🙂

  2. As long as Daisy is upstairs she and Paulinchen are mostly in the same room, quite close to each other. That doesn’t mean they get along. It just means they don’t trust the other to be left unattended…

  3. You know, maybe that’s where Sally Knyvette was for those last couple of seasons… she wasn’t really with Blake -- she was just hiding somewhere on the Liberator, and then on Scorpio!

  4. I remember when Brucey and Bean first started out. Oy -- it was kind of painful.

    The kitties are very cute. 🙂

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