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Fragment of the Day

Most of my filks start out by an idea just popping into my head at an odd moment. Such was the case today, but I really don’t know if I can follow it to where it leads.

I had joked on #filkhaven that if telynor and I put our iPhones next to each other and left them alone with the lights down and some soft music, in a couple of months we’d have a nice little litter of iPod Nanos. The following conversation ensued:

beige_alert is sure happy it’s Thursday. Long weekend = short week 🙂
bardling: Beige_Lab – yay for long weekends 🙂
bardling: Can I adopt one of the iPod Nanos?
autographedcat: sure!
bardling: 🙂
beige_alert: (plus, longer weekend = more time for more sex)
autographedcat: just….don’t put it in the washing machine.
bardling: I have no intentions to do so!
autographedcat: neither did i
mnemex: Sex in a washing machine is bad. Oh, right, you meant the ipod.
mnemex: sorry, the justification was amusing.
bardling has a fairly decent habit of checking pockets & closing zippers while loading things into the washing machine.
mnemex: er, juxtaposition.
autographedcat: o/~ Sex and laundry / What a lovely pair / Getting frisky waiting on your underwear…. o/~

(Hides from Jodi.)

Instafilk: Really Simple Gifts

This morning on #filkhaven, dank pointed me at a CNN article about Virtual Reality gifts. and the following just popped into my head.

Really Simple Gifts
TTTO: “Simple Gifts”

It’s a gift that is simple
And it’s sure to appeal
And it doesn’t matter if it isn’t real
Just click on the mouse and an icon appears
And you’ll find this passes for Christmas cheer

Buy, buy, whatever you may see
Virtual gifts for your family
Spend all your cash in an online spree
and divorce yourself from reality

Sudoku song

So kitanzi has gotten her brain eaten by the lure of Sudoku, and we were looking over the latest puzzle she’s bent her mind to and this came out of nowhere:

Here’s a seven, there’s a seven
And another little seven
Crooked seven, funky seven
Seven Seven

(ttto: “The Llama Song”)

Edit: Corrected spelling, thanks. :).

Silly Instafragment

Inspired by a conversation on Filkhaven:

Uplift and Separate
(with most insincere apologies to Andy Eigel)

Cups – surround the breast – in their soft – cotton folds
Wire – underneath – provides support – perfect hold
Shoulder straps will adjust for comfort fit
clasp in back gives your boyfriend a fit

I should probably….stop right there.

There is a drawback…

So, on #filkhaven, the discussion came around for some reason to scouting, leading to this discussion:

mew: Oh man… I am seriously going through nostalgia here. I’m looking at all these camp songs I haven’t heard in years and years because one of C’s teachers was trying to remember the words to one. Sheesh. 🙂
Mary: *grin*
Mary: It would be fun to have a “camp songs” theme filk
***phydeaux_busy goes off to get more tea and a plateful of greasy, grimy gopher guts
Hitch: I once got away with singing a ‘camp song’ at the first UK filk Con
Hitch: well, not so much camp as Cub Scout…we used to be known as Wold Cubs, but that was before the Scouting association banned lycanthropy
Mary: *blink* What’s Wold?
Hitch: could be Wolf Cubs but based in the Cotswolds
phydeaux_busy: Maybe it’s Woad Cubs..they DO have that blue uniform, and to save on cloth…

Which lead of course, to imagining the Woad Cubs, and the filky part of my brain kicked in:

What’s the use of badge for merit
which proclaims you raised a ferret
if you’ve got nowhere to wear it
once it’s been bestowed?

Oh to have a sash of cotton
to sew patches that you’ve gotten
Instead all we’ve got’s this rotten
uniform of woad!

National Coming Out Day

A fragment, in honour of National Coming Out Day

Nessie, Come Out
TTTO: “Nessie Come Up” by Dr. Jane

Nessie, come out, you’re gay, dear
We’ve known you are gay for sometime
Please don’t resist
No no, we insist
Don’t be bashful, cause we think it’s fine
The truth is, my dear
You’ve always been queer
The truth cannot be denied
Oh Nessie, we think you are, think you are, think you are
Nessie, we think you’re divine!

(I’ll get my coat…)

Snuggles Rock

cadhla and I were meant for each other. I am convinced of this.

autographedcat: *snugglecuddle*
cadhla: Yay, snuggles!
autographedcat: lots more where that came from 🙂
cadhla: Snuggles rock.
autographedcat: hrm. Snuggles Rock. I’m now picturing a sex-ed series of Schoolhouse Rock videos 🙂
cadhla: I’m Only A Pill?
autographedcat: ROFL.

My mind does strange things…

So someone in a newsgroup I was reading was talking about watching the talking heads on CNN during the coverage of the blackouts, and how the Governor of New Mexico kept insisting “There oughta be a law! There oughta be a law!” and, well…..

Woof! You sure gotta climb a lot of steps to get to this office building here in New York City. But I wonder who that sad little power station is?

I’m just a grid, yes I’m only a grid
When I’m overloaded I blow my lid
Last night I failed and the whole east coast was plunged into darkness
And I couldn’t make light cause I was all out of sparkness
But I know I got repaired today
At least I hope and pray that I did
But today I am still just a grid


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