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Snuggles Rock

cadhla and I were meant for each other. I am convinced of this.

autographedcat: *snugglecuddle*
cadhla: Yay, snuggles!
autographedcat: lots more where that came from 🙂
cadhla: Snuggles rock.
autographedcat: hrm. Snuggles Rock. I’m now picturing a sex-ed series of Schoolhouse Rock videos 🙂
cadhla: I’m Only A Pill?
autographedcat: ROFL.

by cadhla (in the style of Schoolhouse Rock)

In days of yore, loving amour
was sure to bring conception.
If you made a pass or got amorous
you’d surely face rejection
We’d all face doom in the baby boom
if not for the inception
of a little plan meant to serve all man
and we called it CONTRACEPTION!

Sex Can Be Fun
by autographedcat (to the tune of “Interjections”):

When Suzie went out to the fall dance, uh-huh
She let a guy get into her…pa-ants
They started to fool
Around behind the school
Because she thought it would be so cool!

Oooh! that’s good
Yes! right there
Oh god! that’s wonderful!

Sex can be fun (yes!)
If you want to (Oooh!)
With a good friend (Oh god!)
But make sure that you’re using common sense and safe protection too
Or just hold off if the feelings not so strong

Everyone can feel free to add to this little collection. 🙂


Because we are *still* Americans




  1. ROFLMAO and having to explain to my co-workers!

  2. You are both sick puppies, and I love you 🙂

  3. Why didn’t I think of this years ago?

    Cunjugation Junction
    G is the Magic Spot
    Lolly Lolly Lolly Get Your Ballgags Here
    Shot Heard Round the World (you’d just have to change the images)
    Mr. Morton Is the Subject Of His Mistress

    I don’t even know many of the songs (I was never a huge fan; didn’t even know til lately that Blossom Dearie sang “Figure Eight,” so I’d have to download some to write a servicable parody of anything), but these things practically write themselves.

  4. Get a room, you two! 😉 And don’t do anything I wouldn’t enjoy!

  5. Like I said, demented in the best possible way. 🙂

  6. I think the first would go better to the tune of the second. 🙂

    When Geraldine was ready to try, uh-uh-huh
    Her boyfriend knew just what to
    They made the selection
    Of a little protection
    They went down to the store and bought

    Three is a Magic Number (the threesome/bisexual song)
    I Got Six (the polyamory song [or, alternately, the body modification song])
    Sufferin’ until Safewords (ttto Sufferin’ until Suffrage)

    • That could always be the second verse of the song. 🙂

    • I Got Six (the polyamory song…)

      I actually have worked on this, here and there, since this was posted:

      I’ve got sex
      That’s all there is
      Sex times one is maturbation
      One times sex

      She got sex
      I put mine with hers
      And we got down
      Sex times two is sweet love
      two times sex

      I got sex and you got sex and she got sex
      That’s a menage a trois all together
      (If we can get us all together)
      Sex times three’s a threesome
      Three times sex

      I never really want any further than that 🙂

  7. OK… the phrase Snuggles rock sends me off thinking of Fraggle Rock… and lo, the images were combined for a whole new universe of twisted imagery…

  8. Gee, I thought you were going to go to Fraggle Rock for that one.

  9. Oh, my brain….

    It’s a good thing I have limited time or I’d have to actually write all of these songs.

    And I know the Schoolhouse Rock songs really really well.

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