Gwnewch y pethau bychain

National Coming Out Day

A fragment, in honour of National Coming Out Day

Nessie, Come Out
TTTO: “Nessie Come Up” by Dr. Jane

Nessie, come out, you’re gay, dear
We’ve known you are gay for sometime
Please don’t resist
No no, we insist
Don’t be bashful, cause we think it’s fine
The truth is, my dear
You’ve always been queer
The truth cannot be denied
Oh Nessie, we think you are, think you are, think you are
Nessie, we think you’re divine!

(I’ll get my coat…)


The SMS Kettle




  1. )Snerk(… Good one!

  2. You are extremely silly.

  3. I’m afraid you don’t know me, but I found you at the filk community and this was so funny I just had to introduce myself.

    So, hi, I’m dragondances!

    • Gosh. So there *is* filk in Montana? I’d wondered. 🙂

      Glad to meet you. Do you ever attend cons, or are you living in exile in the Great West?

      • If there’s any filk other than me here, I don’t know about it. 😉

        And exile, unfortunately. It was actually a fluke that I found filk at all; for now, I’m confined to the online radio.

  4. A sound *thwapping* will be coming your way in two weeks.

    You are sick dear, just Sick. *hugs* -H….

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