Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Silly Instafragment

Inspired by a conversation on Filkhaven:

Uplift and Separate
(with most insincere apologies to Andy Eigel)

Cups – surround the breast – in their soft – cotton folds
Wire – underneath – provides support – perfect hold
Shoulder straps will adjust for comfort fit
clasp in back gives your boyfriend a fit

I should probably….stop right there.


Make believe it’s your first time…




  1. Clasps? Fit? Nah, you just need a skilled boyfriend 😉

  2. You should talk to . She’s been kicking around the same idea for a year or so…

  3. I should probably….stop right there

    Please do.

    Otherwise, I might have to hurt you…

  4. Oh, I think an ode to this modern miracle of soft sculpture and architectural engineering is quite in order.


  5. There are support groups for this kind of thing…

  6. ROTFL
    So get one that hooks in front. *EG*

  7. To be followed, presumably by versions of ‘Simply the Breast’, ‘Mammary’ and ‘Lift us up where we belong’… 🙂

  8. *gigglefit!*

    ( . ) ( . )!

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