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Sudoku song

So kitanzi has gotten her brain eaten by the lure of Sudoku, and we were looking over the latest puzzle she’s bent her mind to and this came out of nowhere:

Here’s a seven, there’s a seven
And another little seven
Crooked seven, funky seven
Seven Seven

(ttto: “The Llama Song”)

Edit: Corrected spelling, thanks. :).


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Now I know what you get when the getting gets good


  1. might be because su doku is a conflation of two Japanese words?

    I like su doku. It makes my brain work up and down and back and forth. 🙂

    Btw, there’s a daily feed for such here:

    Cflute, who enjoys sudoku as well. 🙂

  2. You are just evil beyond description =P

    I must go sing ‘jingle bells’ now, in the hopes I’ll get that damn llama song out of my head.

  3. Then you do not want to try simple sudoku

  4. Are you familiar with the currently-airing anime series “NANA”? The little song works remarkably well if you plug in the numbers “Nana” (7) and “Hachi” (8)….

  5. Might work better if you spelled it “sudoku”, but then again probably not. Most likely just plain missing from the dictionary.

  6. Here, have a gif…

  7. I don’t know the Llama Song, but it almost fits “Little Boxes.”

  8. I liked “How many Sudoku players does it take to change a lightbulb?”

    (A: “Not sure, but it’s definitely 2, 4 or 7…”)


  9. The cure for sudoku is a difficult or fiendish-level puzzle. At that’s been my experience. 🙂

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