Gwnewch y pethau bychain

My mind does strange things…

So someone in a newsgroup I was reading was talking about watching the talking heads on CNN during the coverage of the blackouts, and how the Governor of New Mexico kept insisting “There oughta be a law! There oughta be a law!” and, well…..

Woof! You sure gotta climb a lot of steps to get to this office building here in New York City. But I wonder who that sad little power station is?

I’m just a grid, yes I’m only a grid
When I’m overloaded I blow my lid
Last night I failed and the whole east coast was plunged into darkness
And I couldn’t make light cause I was all out of sparkness
But I know I got repaired today
At least I hope and pray that I did
But today I am still just a grid



This Modern World


Delightfully wrong…


  1. Hmmmm…

    When the lights go out ’round Lake Erie
    And Mannhatten goes dark for a day
    All the power grid folks point their fingers
    Nerves might fray.

    But tonight the stars are shining
    and the moon is as sharp as a knife
    I can actually see the Milky Way
    brightening my life.

    And tomorrow the lights will be burning
    and the city will brighten the sky
    But the pictures remain in my memory
    ’till I die.

    • Re: Hmmmm…

      *applauds* I like! I didn’t realise that, but goodness. A lot of people will be seeing the stars in a dark sky for the first time in their lives. How sad. How marvellous.

    • Re: Hmmmm…

      There is now a completed update to this song in my LJ — here.

  2. very nice!
    now you’ve got schoolhouse rock in my head too 🙂

  3. *giggle*



  4. teeheeteehee

    lots of good giggle material!

  5. A resounding “Huzzah” to you, sir!

  6. Bad! Very Bad!

    I’m stealing it!

  7. Heeeeeeeee. No, come back! 😀

  8. Rofl Rofl Rofl

    So very bad… and yet, so very very funny 🙂

  9. Bravo!

    Well done, sir!

    FWIW, my favorite Schoolhouse Rock parody — or SR-inspired piece of music — was one told to me by my wife, who saw it on Comedy Central a few years ago. It was about the events in November 1963. The chorus went, “I find it highly unlikely to believe in the Single Gun Theory”.

  10. Anonymous


    *Grin* Nice songs, both.

    A quick factual note: The governor of New Mexico happens to have been the Secretary of Energy under Bill Clinton, so he does have a clue on the subject.

    And the folks here in New York were REMARKABLY well-behaved, except for when buses actually arrived. I was nearly trampled trying to board one; got on one — no hassles — three hours later and got home safely at just after midnight. I hope folks in other cities did as well.

    -- BruceA --

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