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Most of my filks start out by an idea just popping into my head at an odd moment. Such was the case today, but I really don’t know if I can follow it to where it leads.

I had joked on #filkhaven that if telynor and I put our iPhones next to each other and left them alone with the lights down and some soft music, in a couple of months we’d have a nice little litter of iPod Nanos. The following conversation ensued:

beige_alert is sure happy it’s Thursday. Long weekend = short week 🙂
bardling: Beige_Lab – yay for long weekends 🙂
bardling: Can I adopt one of the iPod Nanos?
autographedcat: sure!
bardling: 🙂
beige_alert: (plus, longer weekend = more time for more sex)
autographedcat: just….don’t put it in the washing machine.
bardling: I have no intentions to do so!
autographedcat: neither did i
mnemex: Sex in a washing machine is bad. Oh, right, you meant the ipod.
mnemex: sorry, the justification was amusing.
bardling has a fairly decent habit of checking pockets & closing zippers while loading things into the washing machine.
mnemex: er, juxtaposition.
autographedcat: o/~ Sex and laundry / What a lovely pair / Getting frisky waiting on your underwear…. o/~

(Hides from Jodi.)




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  1. *g*

    That was amusing. Curious as to whether you’re going to finish it.

  2. I hope you finish it 🙂

    Brought back memories of finding secluded corners in the dorm’s basement laundry room … see, my then-fiance had turned all of his clothes pink shortly before we met, courtesy of Mom having done his laundry for him all of his life and never taught him the basics of “red tshirts do not get washed with white tshirts”. So for our second ‘date’, I taught him how to sort and properly do laundry.

    “What are you doing after tomorrow night?”
    “I have to wash the red out of my laundry”
    “We need to talk, love”

    See, I wasn’t about to fall into the trap of other girls in our dorm who did the laundry for their boyfriends (who uniformly were new frat pledges). I had no problem doing our laundry together, particularly seeing as how there were plenty of darkened alcoves available for a bit of necking in between machines binging for attention …. 🙂

    Of course a few months later our having done our laundry together for weeks caused much amusement to his family, but that’s another story.

    28 years later, he’s pretty much a pro at this laundry stuff. I want you to finish the song so I can sing it to him and watch him blush at the memories!

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