• 11:46:06: Setting aside the fact that it’s a spammer, why would I want to hire a web consultant who cannot spell “appraisal”?
  • 21:04:24: @seananmcguire Welcome home, darling! Now that Australia has been consolidated under your rule, it is time to turn our attention eastward.
  • 21:19:32: @mariancall I once spent nearly 30 minutes looking for a parking place in downtown Ann Arbor
  • 21:25:15: @aiela @mariancall Indeed it was. Zingerman’s may be the only place where I’d go through all that for a sandwich.
  • 21:34:09: I spent 5 minutes depending whether Zingerman’s was a place for whom or for which I would go through that hellish parking.
  • 21:35:24: Finally rewrote the sentence to avoid the grammatical question. It really hinges on how far you want to go anthropomorphising the restaurant

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