Gwnewch y pethau bychain

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This is especially for all the poly folks on my friends list:

Dave Coverly’s Speed Bump


Good lunch


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  1. haha


    Not to mention she couldnt afford all the remote controls needed…

  2. Thanks for a smile

  3. Shared it around the Wednesday gathering, where it was consumed appropriately.

    And here I was just in it so my lawn would always be mowed, my car would stay fixed, and the plumbing would never stop. I forgot all about football. Guess that’s what the girlfriends and wives are for. Lends whole new meaning to the phrase “Tailgate Party” now doesn’t it? -H… 😉

  4. Anonymous

    I was going to say you never see a female polygamist because polygamy involves a man
    (presumably) having more than one wife, then I looked polygamy up in my Funky Wagnall.
    It says having more than one spouse, especially wives, at one time.
    So, OK, I sit pre-corrected. 🙂

    There is a term specifically for a woman having more than one husband at one time.
    It’s polyandry. The roots are Greek -- poly (many), and gamia (marriage) or andros (man).

    Ann Onynous, dba Doctor Which.

    • Actually the word that means having multiple wives is “polygyny”, not polygamy. Because the two are so very close to one another, they’re often confused.

      • Anonymous

        Ah! Thank you. That takes care of the imbalance I was seeing.

        Ann O.

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