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Good lunch

it’s all your faults you know. Everyone kept saying that I needed to write in my journal more, an effort I’ve now been sustaining for over a month. But as a result, you now get to be subjected to such banality as “What I had for Lunch”.

While we were out and about yesterday at lunch, eloren and I noticed a newish restaurant on Windward Parkway called Thai Picasso, which billed itself as a Thai-French restaurant. We thought this was intriguing, and we both like Thai food (though I admit to still being woefully undereducated about it, so we figured we’d go give it a try.

The lunch menu was nicely priced, with most of the entrees in the $6 range, with a set of specials up around $10. eloren had the spicy basil shrimp special, while I elected for an appetizer of crunchy fried shrimp and ginger beef. In addition, we each had a bowl of soup, with eloren taking the coconut soup and myself a bowl of Tom Yum soup.

Everything was delicately spiced, without anything being overpowering. The “crunchy friend shrimp” turned out to be jumbo shrimp wrapped in a spring roll cover and flash fried, with a sweet sauce for dipping. The Tom Yum was spiced just enough to give it flavour without ever being overbearing, and the ginger beef was succulent and soft in the mouth, with a delightfully subtle taste.

To finish the meal, we split a piece of tiramisu, since eloren‘s more expensive lunch order came with a complementary piece of cake. It was a wonderfully light and sweet finish to a delightful meal.

If you find yourself in the Windward Parkway area of Alpharetta, give this place a try. I was not disappointed.


Poor Sooty Kitty!


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  1. Hey, I like reading about your lunches! *And anything else you care to write. 😀

  2. Yeah, yeah, all our fault. Go ahead, blame the victims. Here you write about flash fried jumbo shrimp wrapped in a spring roll cover, succulent and soft ginger beef with a delightfully subtle taste, and tiramisu, then tell us it’s our own fault that we’re salivating and drooling onto our keyboards. Riiiight, ‘cat.


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