Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Day: March 3, 2004

A Rather Pleasant Evening

Aside from the panic of not being able to find the cat, the rest of the evening was very pleasant.

mrpsyklops is in town for a conference, and we had made plans to get together for an evening of dinner and hanging out. He showed up at 6:30 or so, just after I had managed to finally locate Jenna and then put the house back into a semblance of order.

We sat around and chatted about his conference, and current politics. I showed him some clips from The Daily Show, which he had never seen, and then pulled the most recent episode of that programme up on the TiVo. We had a good time with that, and were just finishing it up when kitanzi got home. While she made the wonderful steaks that Robert had brought, we watched most of an episode of Mythbusters, which he also had not seen.

Finally, we indulged ourselves in one of our favourite pastimes — introducing someone who has never seen it before to the BBC comedy Coupling. I thought a few times he was going to hurt himself laughing. One thing I have to say for Coupling….it has enduring humour. Even though kitanzi and I have seen the episodes enough times now that we can practically recite them, they’re still funny. 🙂

Oh, I also earlier in the evening got Robert to read a bit of Warren Ellis’s Transmetropolitan. So it was a fun evening of exposing Robert to new things. He seemed to have a good time, and I certainly enjoyed his company and conversation.

We really should make an effort to be sociable more often. We talked at one point about having a Firefly party, and now that we have the DVDs it’s a good time. Hrm, plans to make…

Brief Panic Attack

I got home from work today and promptly checked the answering machine. There was a message from the Cat Clinic asking how the new kitty was doing, and inviting me to call back. I made a note to myself to call back tomorrow, since it was after hours by that point, and went to actually see how Jenna was.

And I couldn’t find her. Anywhere.

Now, Jenna’s currently spending most of her time confined to the front part of the house, to allow her and Dayna to settle into each other’s company gradually. So it’s not as if there were copious places for her to hide, and I already knew where most of her favourite places were. And she wasn’t in any of them.

So I went and looked in the bedroom area. Again, no Jenna.

At this point, I freaked out slightly, tearing through the house looking in the most implausible places. I mean, opening cabinets. Checking in the furnace closet (a door which is almost never opened). I even went outside and glanced around… having her get out would have been my greatest fear.

So, just about the time I’m about to become completely hysterical, I check under the bed in the bedroom for the fifth time. And for the first time, notice her, all the way back against the wall, her white fur blending perfectly with the wall. I pulled her out and hugged her tightly, a transgression for which I’m still not sure she’s forgiven me for. 🙂 But all is well, and she’s just fine.

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