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A Rather Pleasant Evening

Aside from the panic of not being able to find the cat, the rest of the evening was very pleasant.

mrpsyklops is in town for a conference, and we had made plans to get together for an evening of dinner and hanging out. He showed up at 6:30 or so, just after I had managed to finally locate Jenna and then put the house back into a semblance of order.

We sat around and chatted about his conference, and current politics. I showed him some clips from The Daily Show, which he had never seen, and then pulled the most recent episode of that programme up on the TiVo. We had a good time with that, and were just finishing it up when kitanzi got home. While she made the wonderful steaks that Robert had brought, we watched most of an episode of Mythbusters, which he also had not seen.

Finally, we indulged ourselves in one of our favourite pastimes — introducing someone who has never seen it before to the BBC comedy Coupling. I thought a few times he was going to hurt himself laughing. One thing I have to say for Coupling….it has enduring humour. Even though kitanzi and I have seen the episodes enough times now that we can practically recite them, they’re still funny. 🙂

Oh, I also earlier in the evening got Robert to read a bit of Warren Ellis’s Transmetropolitan. So it was a fun evening of exposing Robert to new things. He seemed to have a good time, and I certainly enjoyed his company and conversation.

We really should make an effort to be sociable more often. We talked at one point about having a Firefly party, and now that we have the DVDs it’s a good time. Hrm, plans to make…


Brief Panic Attack


I wonder if he’ll run for president next…


  1. Thank you for a splendid evening

    Thank you both! I had a wonderful evening. Coupling is simultaneously hysterical and true, but it never became painful to watch -- masterly work.

    If you decide to have a Firefly party, please do let me know. I’ll do my best to be there.

    • Re: Thank you for a splendid evening

      That sounds like a plan to me! 🙂 Thanks for coming to have dinner with us -- we had a great time too.

  2. We talked at one point about having a Firefly party

    I just started watching this. I rented the first disc from the video store (luckily the one near me has lots of tv shows!). I liked it a lot once I got over trying to compare it to other shows. I’m also planning on renting Coupling at some point (though I do have BBCAmerica and think they show it).

    • I think that’s one of the reasons Firefly was so slow to catch on — not only is it a weird sort of thing that doesn’t fit into a catagory, but Fox couldn’t figure out what to do with it as a result. So they ignored it, and it didn’t get enough time to build an audience through word of mouth.

      BBC America does show Coupling, though I think they aren’t showing it right this moment. They probably will again as a run up to season four, though.

  3. Mythbusters!

    I *love* that show! Urban legends debunked by two guys who obviously love what they do.

    How many episodes have they made so far?

    And which ones are your favorites? I like the one with the chicken gun, the bullet-as-car-fuse, and the man-falling-off-the-balcony.

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