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Monday Digest

From unclechristo, we find the rules for being human.

Keep getting abducted by aliens? These people can help!

I’m sure the really dedicated Dave and Tracy fans have seen this 1999 interview with Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer before, but it was one I hadn’t run across before.

One of my favourite of the newer comics is Jeff Mallett’s Frazz. Today’s Columbus Day strip is a pretty good example:

And today, my beloved kitanzi starts a new job. Everyone think good happy thoughts for her on her first day!

Today’s Random Bits

The worlds ugliest bridesmaid dresses.

A PhD candidate at the University of Oregon is doing a survey on workplace experiences of lesbian, gay, and bisexual individuals (Thanks to kightp for the link, elsenet.)

ladyat posts a rather amusing list of rules for musicians playing together

Headline spotted: “Man Fatally Dies After Leaping From Squad Car”
(reported on a mailing list)

Let’s all wish a warm and happy 500th birthday to vodka, after it has helped so many of us be warm and happy through the years!

Speaking of anniversaries, the webcomic Queen of Wands just celebrated it’s 200th strip. Congrats, aerie! Y’all go check it out!


Taken from tigerbright and browngirl:

Please post a (worksafe) picture of yourself in the comments for me!

(The code for this is <IMG SRC=http://url.of.your.picture> – Be sure to link to the actual image, and not to an html file that contains it!)


More short-takes

It’s National Orgasm Month

So give one to the persons you love today!

Best funny line on the California election came from last night’s Daily Show, which I watched this evening thanks to my TiVo:

Jon Stewart: Steven, do you see any other trends emerging from this election?
Steve Colbert: Absolutely, Jon. In the past, our leaders tended to be veterans of World War II, or the Korean Conflict, or the Civil Rights movement. But with Jesse Ventura, and now Arnold Schwarzenegger, it’s clear that in the future our leaders will be veterans of the movie Predator.

Even if the Cubs and Red Sox do both make it into the world series, it’s still possible they will *both* lose!

And because anyone who doesn’t read it should, and because it’s so recently topical again (and again, and again), a recent favourite Ozy and Millie

Short Takes

From epi_lj, I find that quislibet has translated a large portion of Sir Mix-a-lot‘s seminal musing on caliphygian bounty into Latin

I just got another one of those annoying “We protected you from a virus!” emails. The thing that made this one noteworthy, though, was the oddity of its report. It starts by saying it wanted to warn me “that the e-mail sent by <not disclosed> to <not disclosed> is infected with virus”. It then proceeds to give two blocks of instruction, headed “If you are the sender” and “if you are the recipient”. Er, I’m not sure: am I <not disclosed>, or am I <not disclosed>. If only technology wasn’t so confusing…

Shout out to my pal Graham — welcome to LJ, musicmutt!

Happy birthday to the seriously cute magid!

Lots of cute usericons out there, but this one nearly made soda come out of my nose (courtesy of dpaul007)

Movie List

Seen a lot of people doing this list of the 100 Top Movies from So here’s the list of the one’s I’ve seen — goodness, but I’ve watched a lot of movies.

California Recall

I spent a lot of time yesterday perusing various peoples reactions to the California election. Most of them were remarkably similar:

“Oh my god, I can’t believe they elected Arnold” followed by one of a series of predictable Schwarzenegger jokes. The truth of the matter is that Arnold is entirely beside the point.

Yes, the California recall election is a travesty, but not because an action-movie star won. We’ve put actors in office before. Ben Jones, the guy who played good-ole-boy mechanic “Cooter” on The Dukes of Hazzard was a Congressman. So was Sonny Bono. We sent Ronald Reagan to the White House for goodness sake. The union has survived all this and more.

The recall was a travesty precisely because it allowed a moneyed minority of discontent demagogues to hijack the electoral process. Gray Davis was an unpopular governor, to be sure. And a lot of bad stuff happened on his watch, many of which he could probably be held directly accountable for. Having said that, we already have a process for getting someone you don’t like out of office — they’re called elections, and they happen on a regular schedule. As unpopular as Davis was, I don’t think you can reasonably claim that he was either criminal or incompetent. And being unpopular shouldn’t be enough to hound someone out of office.

As for Arnie, hey, he might even do well. As Republicans go, he’s surprisingly palatable to my moderately liberal palate. He’s proffered himself to be pro-choice, pro-education, and (reasonably) pro-environment. He has to work with an overwhelming Democratic majority in the legislature. And while he won’t win any diction awards, he’s not an idiot.

I actually imagine that, while they claim to be pleased, the Republican masterminds behind the recall are secretly furious that they couldn’t get one of their frothing wingnut pinheads into the Governor’s Mansion — there was probably only one good shot in that canon, and with it they got — Arnold. A moderate movie star who is married to a Kennedy. I think I’m almost amused.

But I’m not amused at the lengths the pinheads will go to to undermine the legitimate democratic process. Maybe it’s because, unlike the neo-cons, I actually take that whole Constitution thing seriously. I hope there are enough people like me to put an end to this nonsense soon, or we can chalk up the whole Great Experiment as a failure and move on.

Well, kitanzi and I finally have our plane tickets for OVFF booked. If anyone is interested:

Departing ATL: 24OCT03 12:30pm
Arriving CMH: 24OCT03 1:56pm

Departing CMH: 27OCT03 1:30pm
Arriving ATL: 27OCT03 3:05pm

Which means we get to stay for the dead dog too! I’m a bit bummed that we can’t be there for Thursday night, since Thursday night at OVFF has sometimes been magic, but I’m really looking forward to the convention anyway!

Speaking of air travel, this site might amuse some people:

Poetic Construction Zone

So I saw this bit in agrumer‘s journal, suggesting that a person take a random line from each of the last 50 non-private/screened entries on your friends list and arrange them into a poem.

I quickly abandoned the original rules — there’s a lot of fluff on my friends list that doesn’t lend itself well to the idea. But I did find 20 lines scrolling through that made a nifty sort of sense, so I thought I would post it here rather than abandon it all.


I’ve become pretty good at guarding my heart,
But all of that is beside the point, I guess.
As you can see, I am not making much sense;
That said, I think I need to spend some time writing.

I had meant to write lots of things yesterday —
I might make more sense the following day.
This weekend I did nothing.
Today, I’m probably just hanging out at home.

You have nothing better to do with your time?
I need to get work done before I can sleep for the night
But I am left with one question:
Do you see wave-patterns every time you close your eyes?

It was quite cold last night,
and skim ice formed in the wheelbarrow outside.
Now i want to paint my walls silver.
So that’ll be fun.

Tomorrow, a quiet day ideally intended for reflection
but if I am honest with myself probably mostly spent asleep,
I pray that You find yourself within yourself;
Today I’m going to try writing instead.

The ABC Meme (Reprise)

I did this one back in April, but since it’s going around again, I figured I’d reprise my answers from back then. The only ones I’ll change are the ones where the question has changed since last time:

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