Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Well, kitanzi and I finally have our plane tickets for OVFF booked. If anyone is interested:

Departing ATL: 24OCT03 12:30pm
Arriving CMH: 24OCT03 1:56pm

Departing CMH: 27OCT03 1:30pm
Arriving ATL: 27OCT03 3:05pm

Which means we get to stay for the dead dog too! I’m a bit bummed that we can’t be there for Thursday night, since Thursday night at OVFF has sometimes been magic, but I’m really looking forward to the convention anyway!

Speaking of air travel, this site might amuse some people:


Poetic Construction Zone


California Recall


  1. Well, darlin’, this year most of LMG will be there for Thursday, so we’ll try to take up the slack (when not rehearsing frantically and hitting one another in the heads over dropped melody lines).

    I can’t wait to see you. I’ve missed you awfully, and I need hugs.

    Should we plan for pool party?

    • Mmmmmm, pool party!!

      Missed you too, sweetie. I need Seanansnuggles!

    • At a minimum, I’ll be there by Thursday evening, as well. will be driving in from MA, hopefully either car-pooling or caravaning with some other folks from there. And, as usual, we’re staying thru Monday 🙂

      Pool party!


  2. That link was *very* funny. (I can only hope that it’s just a joke; these days, one can’t always be sure.) 😉

    It’ll be great to see you guys at OVFF. 🙂 *hugs*

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