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Short Takes

From epi_lj, I find that quislibet has translated a large portion of Sir Mix-a-lot‘s seminal musing on caliphygian bounty into Latin

I just got another one of those annoying “We protected you from a virus!” emails. The thing that made this one noteworthy, though, was the oddity of its report. It starts by saying it wanted to warn me “that the e-mail sent by <not disclosed> to <not disclosed> is infected with virus”. It then proceeds to give two blocks of instruction, headed “If you are the sender” and “if you are the recipient”. Er, I’m not sure: am I <not disclosed>, or am I <not disclosed>. If only technology wasn’t so confusing…

Shout out to my pal Graham — welcome to LJ, musicmutt!

Happy birthday to the seriously cute magid!

Lots of cute usericons out there, but this one nearly made soda come out of my nose (courtesy of dpaul007)


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  1. Saw your Heinlein post on the poly comm. thought I’d have a look. So it would seem we share a taste in books and LJ icons…lol…I also took the liberty of looking at your web site and if I may say you might want to spend a sec or 2 on the *other* side of the camera /giggles! I’m a D&D fan as well and nothing less chalangeing than a cat as DM …well just wanted to say hi I always find it note worthy when I happen across someone with shared interests… Unless you are the Rob I know from PMM than the coincidence is just too scary

  2. I’m stealing!

  3. Thank you!

    (Birthday wishes *and* a compliment! I’m lucky 🙂

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