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Today’s Random Bits

The worlds ugliest bridesmaid dresses.

A PhD candidate at the University of Oregon is doing a survey on workplace experiences of lesbian, gay, and bisexual individuals (Thanks to kightp for the link, elsenet.)

ladyat posts a rather amusing list of rules for musicians playing together

Headline spotted: “Man Fatally Dies After Leaping From Squad Car”
(reported on a mailing list)

Let’s all wish a warm and happy 500th birthday to vodka, after it has helped so many of us be warm and happy through the years!

Speaking of anniversaries, the webcomic Queen of Wands just celebrated it’s 200th strip. Congrats, aerie! Y’all go check it out!




Monday Digest


  1. Thanks for those laughs, man! I’m still thinking of purchasing this illuminated toilet seat, btw, but the ugly dresses aren’t bad, either -- though I have to admit that I wore a simalar thing to the dancing class ball; it was the late 80s and there were no pretty dresses. At least it was black.

  2. ROFL!

    The girls and I had several good laughs on the UglyDress site. Especially the last entry under Shoes…..


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