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It’s National Orgasm Month

So give one to the persons you love today!

Best funny line on the California election came from last night’s Daily Show, which I watched this evening thanks to my TiVo:

Jon Stewart: Steven, do you see any other trends emerging from this election?
Steve Colbert: Absolutely, Jon. In the past, our leaders tended to be veterans of World War II, or the Korean Conflict, or the Civil Rights movement. But with Jesse Ventura, and now Arnold Schwarzenegger, it’s clear that in the future our leaders will be veterans of the movie Predator.

Even if the Cubs and Red Sox do both make it into the world series, it’s still possible they will *both* lose!

And because anyone who doesn’t read it should, and because it’s so recently topical again (and again, and again), a recent favourite Ozy and Millie


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  1. So give one to the persons you love today!

    Well, I do love myself …

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