So I saw this bit in agrumer‘s journal, suggesting that a person take a random line from each of the last 50 non-private/screened entries on your friends list and arrange them into a poem.

I quickly abandoned the original rules — there’s a lot of fluff on my friends list that doesn’t lend itself well to the idea. But I did find 20 lines scrolling through that made a nifty sort of sense, so I thought I would post it here rather than abandon it all.


I’ve become pretty good at guarding my heart,
But all of that is beside the point, I guess.
As you can see, I am not making much sense;
That said, I think I need to spend some time writing.

I had meant to write lots of things yesterday —
I might make more sense the following day.
This weekend I did nothing.
Today, I’m probably just hanging out at home.

You have nothing better to do with your time?
I need to get work done before I can sleep for the night
But I am left with one question:
Do you see wave-patterns every time you close your eyes?

It was quite cold last night,
and skim ice formed in the wheelbarrow outside.
Now i want to paint my walls silver.
So that’ll be fun.

Tomorrow, a quiet day ideally intended for reflection
but if I am honest with myself probably mostly spent asleep,
I pray that You find yourself within yourself;
Today I’m going to try writing instead.