Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Day: October 13, 2003

from rec.humor.funny

Up in Heaven, Alexander the Great, Frederick the Great and Napoleon are looking down on events in Iraq. Alexander says, “Wow, if I had just one of Bush’s armored divisions, I would definitely have conquered India.”

Frederick the Great states, “Surely if I only had a few squadrons of Bush’s air force I would have won the Seven Years War decisively in a matter of weeks.”

There is a long pause as three continue to watch events. Then Napoleon speaks, “And if I only had that Fox News, no one would have ever known that I lost the Russia campaign.”

[Courtesy Mark Hoolihan and the Hoolinet (
Copyright 2003 Boniface Bugle Productions. All Rights Absurd.]

Monday Digest

From unclechristo, we find the rules for being human.

Keep getting abducted by aliens? These people can help!

I’m sure the really dedicated Dave and Tracy fans have seen this 1999 interview with Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer before, but it was one I hadn’t run across before.

One of my favourite of the newer comics is Jeff Mallett’s Frazz. Today’s Columbus Day strip is a pretty good example:

And today, my beloved kitanzi starts a new job. Everyone think good happy thoughts for her on her first day!

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