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Monday Digest

From unclechristo, we find the rules for being human.

Keep getting abducted by aliens? These people can help!

I’m sure the really dedicated Dave and Tracy fans have seen this 1999 interview with Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer before, but it was one I hadn’t run across before.

One of my favourite of the newer comics is Jeff Mallett’s Frazz. Today’s Columbus Day strip is a pretty good example:

And today, my beloved kitanzi starts a new job. Everyone think good happy thoughts for her on her first day!


Today’s Random Bits


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  1. Ah, those rules!

    A decade ago, my therapist gave me a copy of those as a “graduation” present after she’d decided we were done with the work I’d gone to her to accomplish. I copied them into my (paper) journal, and refer to them often.

    Happy thoughts to your beloved; I have some to spare after sending them along to my own beloved , who starts his new job tomorrow.

  2. Ah, a new job! The anticipation of new smells, a new desk to conquer (and then clutter), and lots of new people to politic with!

    Good luck ! I hope you have a great experience in your new job!

  3. The dude in the strip looks like a grown-up Calvin

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