Two of Dave
by Robert Wynne
Music: “Yesterday” by John Lennon & Paul McCartney
© 2002

Two of Dave
One to pass around, and one to save
For whenever you can’t fight that crave
It’s useful to have two of Dave

Dave is twice the man he used to be
Clone him one more time and you’d have three
To offer up for company

Which one is the clone?
Which is real? I couldn’t say.
They’re both just alike,
right down to the DNA

Two of Dave
One more than his lovely mother gave
And we give to both a joyous rave
review for two, who both are Dave
This was an instafilk that came out on #filkhavenDave Weingart was lamenting being unable to attend OVFF due to a scheduling conflict, and Heather Munn said she was continuing to “work on that cloning device, so there can be two of Dave”. This just sorta flowed out.