Gwnewch y pethau bychain


Running “apt-get upgrade” on my work box, and one of the packages it was updating was “bsdmainutils”. Somehow, I misread that as “bdsmutils” and wondered “When did I install that?”.

And what sort of bdsm tools would you want under Linux, assuming that was the sort of thing you were into anyway?


Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You!


Now we know…


  1. I’d say that trying to run your own non-standardized OS was a pretty good operational definition of BDSM.

  2. well, you’d need LaTeX, of course.
    the compiler would use a bondage-and-discipline language like Pascal.
    you’d need top(1). you’d also need nice(1).
    instead of “kill -9” you’d type “safeword”.
    you and the computer would have to negotiate as to whether the mount(8) operation would be permitted.

    really, at this point, the definition of “masochist” is “somebody who uses Windows”.

    • You’d definately want the WEB package (which goes along with LaTeX), plus that gives you tie.
      And you’d definatly want a DNS server, bind to be precise.
      Clearly, you’d want a number of your services to be run in master-slave fashion.
      And, of course, you’d want to work on your testing techniques, so you could torture(-test) your programs.

  3. Heee

    Well, gave you a good start there.

    Of course, he overlooked the best utility added by that package. Whenever your system does something contrary to your wishes, just run “punish”. It may take a few times, but eventually your system will start behaving itself.

  4. I can’t believe no one has mentioned the GIMP Mask package…

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