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Thirteen Ways Of Looking At A Cicada

This is a bit of silliness inspired on JediMUD today.

Thirteen Ways Of Looking At A Cicada
by Rob Wynne

If you like squishing cicadas
getting caught in the rain

Oh cicadas, you’re breaking my heart
You’re all on my lawn and I hate you
Oh cicadas, please please go away
For seventeen years i won’t miss you

I’m gonna kill the bugs next door
Ain’t gonna chirp anymore
They’re underground for seventeen years
Then they come up and drink all my beer
Gonna squash em with my boots
How i wish i had a gun that shoots
Gonna kill kill kill kill kill kill kill those bugs

Cicada blues
You make me cry
I don’t wanna lose this feeling
And if i choose for you to die
You would be in your grave

You walk across the lawn and they will crawl up on your pants
Shake them off your shoes and you do a little dance
Worst of all you find their shells are stuck to all your plants
Hey, they’re cicadas!

I squashed cicadas
But i did not squish the ladybugs

Wasting away again here in Cicadaville
Searching for a safe path I can walk

I walked out on my lawn
To face my fears
The last time they were here
Seventeen years
It’s cicadas
They climb on everything
Nowhere to sit
I wish they’d go away
I must admit
Damn cicadas

One day, bugs will rain out
From beneath the rainspout
And then you will hear ci-
cadas come and chirp the night away

Cold rain on the front lawn has softened the grounds
For seventeen years they have slept in their mounds
But now they have surfaced; the night rings with sound
Cicada’s will rise with the moon

They are very noisy bugs
Cicadas chirp outside your bedroom
They go away for seventeen years then they come back
And they get in everything

Those bugs are pretty tasty
(That bug’s a Cicada!)
The kind of bugs you read about
(In science magazines!)
They haven’t left my lawn yet
(The bugs are cicadas)
I think I’m gonna squish them
(Everywhere I step)
They’re not right! They’re not right!
These bugs are not for me!

They are cicadas! Cicadas!
I hate Cicadas!

Little cicadas
Crawling everywhere
You’re pretty sure they’re even crawling in your hair
Where did they come from
Underneath the ground
Seventeen years past and not one could be found

Guess who just got back today
Those little bugs that had been away
Everywhere, cicadas in your way
And if the bugs wanna chirp, you better let ’em

Bonus points if you can place all thirteen tunes 🙂

It was the highest of tech, it was the lowest of tech.

What a fun weekend. A little dabbling in technology, a little trip to the past…

autographedcat is a restricted area. Authorised personnel only



I note for the record that if you’re a cute female, Authorization isn’t necessarily difficult to acquire. 🙂

Weekend update

Terence flew off to the UK on Friday afternoon while kitanzi and I were at work, so we didn’t really get to see him off properly, but his flight did manage to leave on time, and he’s arrived safely on the other end, so I feel we haven’t done too badly as hosts there. 🙂

telynor had a rough day and sounded really down when I spoke with her that day, so I suggested she and G. come over to our house to chill, eat dinner, and watch the new Coupling episode. Unfortunately, a little bit after she set out, she called me from a payphone, as her car had conked out. I drove out to where she was to retrieve her and bring her home for dinner, and Kit offered her the use of her car for the weekend.

Saturday, I woke up in a funk. Nothing identifiable, just a bad “i don’t wanna go anywhere or do anything” mood. I probably would have sat around feeling all sorry for myself too, except that telynor told us that Three Weird Sisters were playing at this years version of the Atlanta Celtic Festival. Seems that the ACF wasn’t happening this year, so it’s organizers put on a mini-version of it at a pub in Alpharetta. So I muttered and grumbled and allowed myself to be dragged outdoors.

I’m glad I did. Once I actually got some fresh air and sunshine, the day didn’t seem so bad. We declared it an off-diet day, had some good pub food and drinks, listened to the music and browsed the vendors. I found a nice inexpensive sword at the weapons dealer which I brought home, and we ogled jewelry and admired the eye-candy that was wandering around. This was much more fun than the Indian pow-wow we attended the weekend before.

Once done with the festival, we went to a late lunch/early dinner at Garrison’s, and then dropped by Micro Centre so I could return something I’d bought the week before and browse about a bit. G. asked me If I thought the computer I built for him would be able to play Unreal Tournament 2004. After looking at the box, I said “Probably not”, but suggested the original UT likely would. So we hunted down a copy, and since it was only $10, I bought it for him.

Sunday was hang around the house day. telynor and G. came over to watch movies and a couple of more episodes of Firefly. G. spent a large part of the time borrowing kitanzi‘s computer to play his new game. 🙂

All in all, a fun weekend, despite my bad mood on Saturday morning.

Colour meme

Seen just about everywhere, suddenly. What colour is my LJ name?


Hrm. Seems a comforting, neutral colour. Reddish-brown.

To find out yours, put the following in your journal:

<font color=lj_username><b>lj_username</b></font>

Edit: Interestingly, it seems to be a different colour in different browsers. To some people, it shows up as purple. Which is actually cool. I like purple better than reddish brown. 🙂

An anniversary of sorts..

Two years ago today, at about 11:30pm, kitanzi and I staggered into the apartment, fell into bed, and went to sleep, after spending the entire day and half of the previous day driving to Atlanta from New Hampshire. Since then, we have built a home and a life together, such as I only could have dreamed and wished for.

Love you so much, sweetie.

Happy Birthday and the week so far

First of all, happy birthday to one of my dear faraway sweethearts, maedbh7! *hugs and kisses*

Thanks to everyone for the hugs and well wishes on Tuesday. The day really did get better after lunch, and by the time I got home I was feeling pretty human.

Spent the evening installing the new PSU I bought to replace the suspected bad one which had rendered my computer dead. I was gratified that after swapping them out and connecting everything up, that it sprang back to life as if noting happened. Yay!

Wednesday did turn out to be a better day, despite having to get up very very early to move a couple of servers from our office to the NOC. See, now that we’re pretty much entirely hosting our services over there, there’s no need to spend thousands of dollars on a 45mb/s DS3 pipe to this building, but we did still have two machines over here that needed to be over there. Due to coordination required on the second of these, we moved the first one at 7am, and the second one at 10:30am. Fortunately, neither causes any sort of customer outage, so we didn’t have to rush about madly trying to minimize the downtime (if they had, it’d likely have been a 3am sort of thing).

After work, which ended a little early thanks to the early start, I drove over to Athens to collect khaosworks, who is staying with us for a couple of days until he flies to England en route to Singapore for the summer. We got back to Alpharetta about 6:30, waited for kitanzi to get home, and then went to dinner at Roadhouse Grill.

When we got home, we settled down to watch the first episode of Season 4 of Coupling, which Terence had downloaded from USENET. (May I pause here to say, simply, I *love* the Internet?). There’s a new character to fill the absence left by the departure of Richard Coyle, which is unfortunate, but we’ll see how he turns out. This wasn’t the best episode of Coupling ever ever, but it was very funny and we enjoyed it quite a lot.

Today is being a slightly quiet and I consider this a good thing.


Thanks to everyone for the hugs and words of encouragement. After lunch things did calm down a bit and my headache finally went away (lending credence to the theory that it was a blood sugar problem).

Also in good news, I picked up a new 500w power supply at Micro Centre while I was out at lunch, and installed it when I got home. It definitely turned out to be the problem, as my system sprang to life immediately after this swap was made.

Tomorrow will be a long day, but I dare hope it will be a better one. 🙂

, please pick up the white courtesy phone…

From the June 2004 issue of Playboy magazine:

[Jaime Bergman]’s next role? Alice in the movie DysEnchanted, in which seven storybook heroines meet once a week to process their issues in group therapy.

I Think I’ll Move To Australia

You have days. Some days are good. Today, not so much.

We went out last night and spent some time with bedlamhouse and ladyat celebrating their daughter’s graduation from Emory University. That was a lot of fun. I even watched a basketball game, something I don’t think I’ve done with any real amount of interest since NC State won the NCAA championship in 1983. Ok, I exaggerate. But not by much. 🙂

This morning, however…

I woke up with a splitting headache. Given that I had exactly one beer last night, I don’t think I can claim it was drinking, though given the huge piece of cake I ate and other sugar-laden things, it’s possible it was blood sugar related. As I type this at nearly 1pm, it’s still not really gone away, though painkillers are helping manage it.

So I got up, grabbed some advil, and then went out to check my e-mail.

And my computer was dead. The button on the front doesn’t respond at all. The fan isn’t turning, though there is a linklight on the NIC, so I’m pretty sure the power supply conked out. Not a huge fix, but annoying. See, for all that I tend to be up early in the morning, I’m not *really* a morning person. I fake it well, as long as I can follow my routines and rituals in the morning, and having those disrupted makes me cranky. I jumped onto Kitanzi‘s computer to quickly check my e-mail and discovered that, from whom I had yesterday ordered an SD card from because they sent me an e-mail quoting a fantastic price (256mb for $40.99 after rebate), had sent me an e-mail cancelling my order because the manufacturer had apparently discontinued the product without their knowledge. This did not add to my happiness level.

So I took a shower and headed into work. While halfway through my morning meeting, I got a call from one of my guys that the Win2000 webserver had died halfway through a reboot and could not be reached remotely. Which meant having to drive over to the data centre to reboot it. So I went and did, and came back, picking up lunch on the way. I’ll probably have to go over there again this afternoon too.

Through all of this, I’ve been scatterbrained and unfocused and feeling just a bit ill.

Not a good day, so far. Hopefully, the afternoon and evening will be better.

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