Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Day: April 7, 2004

Customers never cease to amaze me.

I don’t usually post about work, but this was too good not to share…

Toward the end of today, I got a message from one of my team members, asking about one of the old web servers, which had been slated for decommission..

Him: Is uuweb1 still there
Me: Uh, well, we turned it off, but it still exists
Him: Can we access it?
Me (suspicious): Why?

Well, it turns out that one of the customers who was hosted on that machine had not been properly transitioned over to the new web servers. This is an oversight, and entirely our fault, so I can understand the customer’s demand that we produce his content.

Luckily, we hadn’t yet recycled the hardware, and I drug it out of storage and set it up on my bench with the idea of temporarily putting it up on a test IP long enough to discover if the customers content was still there.

And it occurred to me…

This machine was turned off. It was off the network.

What kind of web customer doesn’t NOTICE that their website is down for two months????


(We were able to recover the customers data for them, so alls well that ends well, but I commented to my boss that if we didn’t have their stuff, it would serve ’em right. Sheesh!)

Insane cat

I have concluded that Jenna is insane.

I reported earlier about Jenna’s adventures with the fireplace. After finally giving her a bath and a couple of weeks of self-cleaning and shedding, she was starting to look almost normal again.

So, of course, I came home today to find that she had gotten into the fireplace again and was as grey as before, if not more. Of course, this time I had the necessary stuff on hand, so I got undressed and, with a helping hand from telynor‘s son, G., we gave the poor dear another bath.

She’s hiding under the bed and refusing to talk to me now. I don’t know when she’ll ever be white again. And this weekend, I have to go and spend some time figuring out how to close off the fireplace.

Meanwhile, the cat is insane.

So, tell me what you know…

Now this looks like a fun meme for Wednesday (vectored from filkerdave and katyhh:

Pick one person on my friends list, and tell me something good about them that you don’t think I know.

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