Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You!

A swishy, sexually-ambiguous priest is appointed the new bishop of the See of Tartuga in the thrilling epic tale of ecclesiastical adventure on the high seas. Don’t miss

Prelates of the Caribbean

Opening this fall in theatres everywhere…


Warm Fuzzies for Spring




  1. (giggle snort) -- ok this reminds me of early on in my relationship with Ed -- during the mixing of “Current Obsessions” -- we were taking a shower together (ok so not *that* early on)… we had been mixing “Crazy Man Michael” a monstrsity of some 30 tracks or so… including marimba, e-bowed electric guitar and northumbrian small pipes. Ed starts talking about the “NorthUmbrian Small Popes” and proceeds to espouse an entire history and explanation of their little known part in ecclesiastical history… sigh. That may have been one of the early warnings that I would have to marry him. 🙂

    • Oh God Crazy Man Michael. I learned it from your CD. I’ll have to exhume that and listen again. 30 parts?! It was worth it.

      “espouse”? That would’ve been (eventually) bigamy, if that’s possible with … my brain hurts.

      • Oops. I AM getting my LJ emails! Thunderbird just doesn’t realize it. I think I fixed it.

        I think it’s cool that you learned CMM from my CD! I love that song. I had heard a recording of it with Sandy Denny singing but Bill Rintz is the one who taught me to play it.

  2. You have recordings of ASH Productions?

  3. giggle giggle giggle

    And after that, there was MEW’s Northumbrian small popes comment….

    snort, gaffaw, chuckle

  4. And don’t forget to pick up the subsequent excercise video: “Pilates of the Caribbean”. In stores now.˚

    • Oh thanks Gray -- the image of Johnny Depp cheerfully leading an exercise video will stay with me now. Sheesh.

      Come to think of it -- he’s pretty darned cute. I might just enjoy having him wearing some tight fitting cotton yoga togs and leading an exercise video… hmm…

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