Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Day: April 12, 2004

This Just In…

I posted this back in 2002, because I liked it, and I think it’s worth repeating again during these uncertain times:

Seething Bilious Hate, Down 3% – Where is all the good news? Why is the media so obsessed with horror and misery? Herein, some possible salve

Now we know…

…what they do with all the really good drugs that they confiscate from folks trying to traffic narcotics through the mail. They give them to stamp artists, who come up with designs like this upcoming stamp honouring Buckminster Fuller


Running “apt-get upgrade” on my work box, and one of the packages it was updating was “bsdmainutils”. Somehow, I misread that as “bdsmutils” and wondered “When did I install that?”.

And what sort of bdsm tools would you want under Linux, assuming that was the sort of thing you were into anyway?

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