Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Day: April 24, 2004

Reading Report

Haven’t updated book progress lately because, honestly, I hadn’t been reading that much the last two weeks, between a couple of projects I was working on and maedbh7‘s visit, but I have gotten through a couple of books since last time I reported.

  • War For The Oaks by Emma Bull

    Every now and then, you just want to go back to a favourite, and this is easily one of my favourite books ever written, ever ever. I’m a big fan of all of Bull’s work: she has a great ear for dialogue, and crafts characters who are so real I feel like I know them. I’ve probably read WftO a dozen times, and it still feels fresh and new each time. If you’re a fan of “modern world fantasy”, I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

  • Zen And the Art of Travel by Eric Chaline

    When making plans for tourism and trips, I always warn people that I’m a “Zen tourist”. I don’t like scheduling myself overmuch, preferring to following the path in front of me and seeing where it goes. So when kitanzi saw this book, she couldn’t resist getting it for me. I had expected it to be just a collection of Zen quotes and pretty pictures, but the book was evenly divided between said pictures and quotes, travel stories, and practical tips for traveling to odd and remote places. A wonderful, fascinating little book that took me twice as long to read as I anticipated, and left me feeling much richer (and with an itching desire to go somewhere) than when I started.

Early Morning Weekend Conversation

autographedcat: So, would “Goddesses’ Bodices” be a good name for a band?
kitanzi: I dunno, but it’d be a great name for a lingerie store!

MST3K presents “Dark Dungeons”

Thanks to gridlore for the link.

Jack Chick is a weird religious nut who draws little comic tracts espousing his own odd version of Christianity. (I’ve never actually met a Christian who had heard of Chick who wasn’t embarrassed by him, to be honest). Most of them are rather unintentionally funny, and one of the most famous of the Chick Tracts in fandom is Dark Dungeons, which targets the evil and Satanic practice of Role Playing Games.

So what do you do when something is so bad it’s unintentionally funny? You send it up to the Sattelite of Love for Mike and the robots to mercilessly make fun of it.

So someone did.

Go read it, it’s hysterical!

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