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I posted this back in 2002, because I liked it, and I think it’s worth repeating again during these uncertain times:

Seething Bilious Hate, Down 3% – Where is all the good news? Why is the media so obsessed with horror and misery? Herein, some possible salve


Now we know…


A bit of this or that…


  1. Thanks! I’ve seen the concept done before but htis is one of the better versions.

  2. Thanks. Nicely done.

    The corporation described in there sounds a great deal like Costco. A company in which the CEO, by his own choice, makes only $350K annually (an order of magnitude short of most of his peers, and TWO orders of magnitude short of several), and the employees at the bottom make significantly more than minimum wage, with benefits a cut or three above average, is one I try to support.

  3. Yeah!

    It wasn’t difficult to picture most of those, and even to put names on some (corporations, some priests).

  4. Thanks,I needed this.

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