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Free…er, Jail Bill Watterson!

From the April 9 issue of The Tech,. MIT’s online newspaper:

Jail Bill Watterson
by Amal Dorai

I really liked “Calvin and Hobbes.” In fact, I’m pretty sure most of you did, too. It was like “The Simpsons”; not just funny, but warm and insightful, taking us back to the carefree days of childhood. Yet Bill Watterson cruelly stopped drawing “Calvin and Hobbes” in 1995, only ten years after it began, and well before it started to get old. It was still funny, still great, and he just stopped. If I were the president of the United States, I’d throw him in prison and force him to draw more strips.

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  1. According to Lynn Johnston, Waterson was a bit of a hermit by nature and didn’t have much social contact outside of his few friends and collegues. He just lost his desire to draw when his cat died.

  2. Watterson’s “Calvin and Hobbes Tenth Anniversary Book” offers a lot of insight into his philosophy of cartooning as an art and as a business…it’s very interesting and I recommend it to anyone who admires his work and wonders why he stopped.

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