Gwnewch y pethau bychain

So, tell me what you know…

Now this looks like a fun meme for Wednesday (vectored from filkerdave and katyhh:

Pick one person on my friends list, and tell me something good about them that you don’t think I know.




Insane cat


  1. Even when I was running, had a significantly faster pace than me.

  2. I have known online for over ten years. She has always been sweet and kind even to people who may not have deserved it, and yet unafraid to give people kicks in the butt if needed.

  3. is written with a double h … *LOL* … wait, ok, I give you another one 😉
    can make people laugh their heads off with the simplest methods like wearing a dog feeding bowl on her head and playing R2D2 -- but she’s also one of the best listeners I know 🙂

  4. makes a purring sound when her feet are rubbed. 🙂

  5. knows that today is Wednesday, and therefore you either skipped a day ahead for Daylight Saving, or don’t want us to do the meme until tomorrow 🙂

  6. was good to me at a pivotal time in my life, and for that (and many other things) I will always love him.

  7. Among his other talents (you probably know about the filk) is an accomplished rubber stamp artist.

  8. Yay, one after the other I can mention everyone so no-one has to feel excluded…!
    is Superbrain, knows not only lyrics by heart but can recite whole stories word by word.

  9. Did you know that was once known in the SCA as Spalding the Slayer, for her amazing ability to hit opposing combatants with slingshot-propelled tennis balls?

    I think that’s what inspired her “Marvelous Toy Mark II” song. The lyrics for which might be available via email, on request; since it’s a borrowed tune that’s probably still in copyright, I’m not sure it’d be a good idea to put them up on the website.

    • Oh, I’d love to see that.

      For the record, while IANAL, my understanding is that you can post lyrics to another tune all you want. You just can’t release a recording without permisison. (Note the wording in Tom Smith’s Big Book of Filk Tricks, which reads “May be sung to the tune of…” 🙂

      • IANAL (I am not a lawyer), but this is my understanding:

        It depends on whether the lyrics are parody, derivative work, or unrelated.

        If they are unrelated (except by using the same tune), you definately can’t record them without permission, but can post/publish/sell them all you like — no infringement. (example: Lee Gold’s _Let the Birds Fly_. Probably doesn’t even infringe on Barry Hugart’s copyright either, since she never mentions any names or anything).

        If they are sufficiently derivative, but without being parody (ie, not a comment on the original), you’re legally on questionable ground, for either posting the lyrics or making a recording without permission. (example: “My Grandfather’s Clock” without the “L”).

        If they are true parody, you can (at least, theeoretically) do pretty much anything — post the lyrics, record/sell music; whatever; parody is protected fair use, by definition. But note that you and a court might not agree on what “parody” means.

  10. Filceolaire is the best houseguest in the world. He takes over tasks very gracefully and without intruding, giving stressed hosts the illusion that they are actually the guests!

    But then, you probably knew that already.

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