Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Shorter LOTR

Some of you may already be familiar with mollyringwraith‘s hysterical condensations of the LOTR movies. Now, someone with a lot of time on their hands has done some photo magic to present her scripts in comic form.

So far they’ve only done The Two Towers, But it looks like they plan on setting up all three movies. Check it out, and I’ll make a note here if the following parts show up later.


Things that make you go…”WTF–?”


It’s the Christianity, Stupid


  1. *roars with laughter*

    Oh my word. Thank you!

  2. *dies laughing*

  3. That’s wonderful! Thanks for the link.

  4. Oh dear… I really wanted to see that and it comes up 404! 🙁

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