Gwnewch y pethau bychain

LOTR Silliness

So, aiela posted the following quote in her journal:

“Peter Jackson says he used 25,000 extras in Lord of the Rings. Did you know that? He’s created 25,000 more jobs than George Bush has, we ought to give him more than an Oscar!”
— John Kerry

And someone pointed out that most of those jobs were only temp jobs. Don’t ask me WHERE this stuff comes from.

Just In New Zealand
by Rob Wynne
To the Tune of: Only In Kenya

Where can you get temp jobs?
Just in New Zealand!
In New Zealand we got temp jobs!

Say you wanna make movies?
Just in New Zealand!
Got temp jobs and movies: Just in New Zealand!

(Forget Hollywood!)

New Zealand Oh, New Zealand!
Where the dwarves are and the Bree men!

New Zealand! Zealand Zealand Zealand!
New Zealand! Come to New Zealand
(Can you believe it?)




I can’t believe she did the whole song


  1. I’m trying to picture the animation… 🙂

    • Yeah, I wish I had the animation skills….replace the dancing lion with a little dancing Peter Jackson…. 🙂

  2. *helpless giggles*

  3. I picture similar figures, but with Elijah Wood and Orlando Bloom heads on the replacement icons for the lion and tiger, and with a giant urine trajectory going from NZ (Auckland) to either Washington, DC or to the Bush Ranch in Texas.

    If it weren’t so late, I weren’t so swamped, and I didn’t have a blaring headache I’d edit the movie myself.

    • . . . or to the Bush Ranch in Texas.

      Wouldn’t that be Kerry peeing on it?

      Or you could do Bush, but have the pee be on ths Constitution instead.

      Ow. I should stop . . .

  4. *helpless giggling*

  5. I didn’t know NZ had 25,000 ‘extra’ people. Sheep, yes, they have plenty of ‘extra’ sheep <g>…

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